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So, it's August already is it? Wow.

I'm mostly settled in my apartment now, adjusting to the shift in finances and missing my niblings like crazy. I've seen them a handful of times since the move; Tiny Man is now crawling! My mom has also acquired a full-time job for the first time in ... probably longer than I've been alive, now that she's finally admitted she has to pay for the upkeep on the house and maintain health insurance somehow before Dad's 401(k) runs out, or she'll be broke before his social security payments kick in. That's been a stressor and a half, and other family drama on top of that has been a major stressor on me.

In happier news-- mostly-- I went hiking with MaeveBran and her husband last weekend at Mt. Thielsen. She made it about three miles up the trail, near the crossing with the PCT; he and I kept going up the West Ridge route until the base of the summit pinnacle, at about the 9,000 foot level. It was amazingly beautiful, and the butterflies were migrating that week; we saw swarms of them even up that high! I had an attack of dumbass on the way down, though; when we reached MaeveBran again I took my eyes off my feet and lifted my walking stick to wave hello, and caught a foot on a rock. Cue instant massive contusion the size of my fist on my left shin, just below the knee, with miles of walking yet to go. A week later, there's still a sizeable knot there, and discoloration all the way down to my ankle; but at least I didn't break anything. And to make up for it we did dinner that night at the lodge at Crater Lake, since it was only about an hour away. Sunset views there: spectacular. Still, I think we'll plan a less difficult mountain next year. :)

Anyway, so what am I ficcing as I recover from all that plus the recent heat wave? I'm about 16,000 words into another Ichabod/Abbie het big bang, for which I'll be looking for an alpha reader soon; and I'm sort of half-way participating in the August Twistedshorts Ficathon as ideas occur. So you'll be seeing short crossovers pop up over the next few weeks. Other than that, we'll see; I missed the end of the signups for [community profile] crossovering while I was on the hiking trip, but I'm considering [community profile] fandomgrowthexchange.

I'll get to [community profile] backagainharry again by the end of the year; I swear it. It's just. Trying to wrap my head around that behemoth with other stressors going on never goes well. Same with the last of my wishlist fic; just can't do the pressure right now. September, October maybe? *squinting at calendar* Yeah, maybe.

Hope the rest of you are doing well!
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I know I've not been posting much this month, but I promise I'm writing! Just on longer stuff that isn't ready to go up for awhile. Once I have the first bangfic ready for draft (this week should do it) I'll get some littler things out (and work on BAH).

In the meanwhile, I've also finally (finally!) been touching up my old website, So far I've been ignoring the "useful links" section to update the fiction archive section, seeing as I've written more than a million words since the last time I updated the thing, back in the summer of '09. If you're curious, here's the fiction index page; the red checks are sections where I've finished touching up the old works that are up (adding the links to AO3 for each story, putting in a CSS link instead of instacoding every detail, nixing the old dead counter code in favor of Google Analytics, that sort of thing - ugh, it's exhausting) and adding all the new fics:

The short story sections (1,000 - 10,000 words) are taking the longest to update - there's been a lot of them. I think I've gotten things divided out fairly well as to what the categories should be, at least. And I think when I'm all done I'll have to do a massive by-title-and-fandom overall index for people to find things if they don't know where to look (because a lot of old fic links probably got broken in my reorganization). Some other day I'll retool the whole thing to be more stylish and a percentage of screen width rather than the current limited size, but, baby steps.

One other thing I've been doing is creating title art for some of the stories/series/etc. :) See below; all images are linked to the relevant pages! Commentary welcome.

Cut for ten pieces of title art! )
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  • Dad bought me carnations and mums for Valentine's day. *hugs him*

  • I watched both versions of "True Grit" this week; the old one's more fun, but the new one wins for realism and overall characterization. It's too heavy to want to rewatch anytime soon, but it left an impression I won't soon forget: "Damn, a Western with a very strong female character, how rare! But of course for that to happen she couldn't be old enough to sexually interest either central male character; the entertainment industry still fails on that score. Cf. Appaloosa, much as I loved it, alas."

  • The third anniversary of Derek's death passed quietly, though still felt. RIP, bro.

  • Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons arrived in the mail today. Looking forward to entertaining myself with that one tomorrow morning: perfect lie-abed light Saturday reading. *lol*

  • I went to a launch event for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for work purposes on Thursday. Which happened in a Microsoft office in Portland. Where they served us Stumptown coffee. In Starbucks paper cups. On a clear, gorgeous morning sandwiched between two mornings of messy, wet snow. (Just a bemusing day all round.)

  • My brother takes off Sunday for thirty-some days of Reserve work at an AFB in California. During which time my birthday will happen. And, one day after my birthday, Leonard Nimoy will appear at a con two-ish hours from said base. I AM TOTALLY GIVING MYSELF A TRIP TO CALI FOR MY BIRTHDAY. $200 plane ticket; a hundred bucks or so for a few nights in a military hotel; twenty-five bucks or so for one evening's con attendance; plus however much the autograph costs. Ouch. But a signed Spock sitting on my work shelf right next to my signed Eliot Spencer when I get back? (And, yeah, hanging out with my brother and probably geocaching in Northern Cal on my hobbit-age-of-majority birthday?) Is gonna be priceless. *grins in delight*
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I realize I haven't posted much in the last week or so, though I have four [ profile] wishlist_fic prompts left; I caught the inevitable holiday cold from staying up late so many nights writing and going out. I've been writing some, but nothing I want to post until the resultant brain-fog clears. Ugh. Sorry!

The actual holiday parts have been great, though - and I now have permission to pass on my excellent family news: I'm going to be an auntie, in August of next year! \0/ My mom is over the moon; and my brother is already neurotic (in a Must.Buy.Baby.Stuff and Must.Pamper.Wife way) about becoming a daddy. It's a good look on him. I'll be praying every day 'til then that everything goes perfectly for them.

Expect summary posts on the year's fic writing, entertainment consumption, and with any luck another fic or two Saturday or Sunday. Oh, and the Yuletide reveal, of course. =)

Happy 2011, everyone! May your upcoming New Year's Resolutions (if any) be as successful as mine have been the last two years, and may the year itself be happier than the last.
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I seem to spend a lot of time making people talk to each other, or themselves, in my fics rather than throwing themselves into action. Does that get boring? I worry about it sometimes.

I haven't said much about my non-fic life lately, I know. It's been more of the same, mostly, with a few shining interludes. My health is good: haven't gained any weight back since last year, and have managed to keep the exercise going. My reading quota is better: 46 books this year already. I attended CON-Con (the Leverage convention) in March, and the local Jim Butcher book signing a week and a half ago with [ profile] maevebran, [ profile] sulien77, and [ profile] little_lusty. (I still haven't read Changes, but I'm looking forward to it).

Next week, I go to the Microsoft Conference in Georgia; and about 24 hours after I fly back from that, I fly back out again to visit my brother in Mississippi for a week and a half. It'll be good to take a break from real life for awhile; I love my life these days, but it's so busy I 've had a hard time finding the energy to get much writing done. *cracks knuckles* At least I have today and tomorrow free. Then I've got to get some heavy-duty cleaning and packing done.

For those of you who follow fic awards, I've been nominated in the "Five Things" category at the [ profile] c2c_buffyawards, for my Illyria/Wes post-series-finale fic Moving On. \0/ It's one of my own favorite things I've ever written; I'm extremely thankful to whichever of you put my name in.

Off to Wal-Mart now; the last time I bought shorts was in the middle of my transition from size 18 to 4, and I'm going to need some for beach bumming in two weeks. I think I'll wait to buy a new swimsuit until I'm actually down there, though; the selection up here in the Pacific NorthWest is kind of dismal in my preferred price range. TTFN. I should have something in the SG-1/PJO range for you later... more conversational crossover trailbreaking, I fear. *lol*
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I don't know why, but seeing the phrase "Simply put (comma)" at the beginning of any sentence, paper or screen, fictional or not, makes me cringe every single time. I am 90% more likely to click straight out of a story that uses that in an explanatory section, for example; or scroll straight past any blog post containing it. So, all those Ship Wars posts? So not going near them. *twitch*

Haven't been through more than maybe 2% of the stories in the Yuletide archive yet; I've been trying to get the rest of my body of work uploaded to AO3 before the reveal (vain, I know!) and add a bit more to my wordcount before years'-end. (It would be awesome if I hit 200K this year-- though it doesn't look likely, at this point). Not to mention family & friends time. I'll just have to chip away at the reading in January.

Today's schedule: now off to a bonus viewing of Sherlock Holmes with [ profile] maevebran! I never really got the famous detective before, in the kind of way that would inspire me to buy up the canon and/or write about him and his 'verse; I need a visceral hook into a fictional world to make that happen for me. Boy howdy, did the new movie provide. I think there will be some Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in my book purchases in the new year. <3
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Hm. Not counting this year's Yuletide (which I always note down as January wordcount), it looks like my total comes to 188K and change this year. Best. Year. Ever, even with my long silences the last couple of months working on my Big Bang fics. I'll have to do an analysis post soon.

Speaking of Yuletide, I received a War God's Own fic: Riding Along. As far as I'm aware this is the first fic in the fandom, and is a warm, contemplative post-canon Gen fic. It made me smile.

I wrote four Yuletide stories myself, for a total of 5500 words, two of them in fandoms I've never written in before. Comments have been light, but good for the most part, and all my recipients have commented; I've even received a couple of recs and bookmarks! So I'm well content this year.

Next up: those chapters of BL and AiR I've been swearing to write for months now. And then, I have a 10K deadline for [ profile] smallfandom_bb on January 8. Considering I currently only have 300 words, that's going to take some doing. *cracking knuckles* I'm getting better at this longfic thing again, though; I'm sure I can manage.
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Cut for rambling ST:TOS thinky thoughts... )

Also: damn, there's some excellent fanwork coming out of the Reboot. I'll have to assemble a recs list at some point with my favorites. I've stuck my toe in the pool myself (obvs.) and got some excellent reviews and feedback, but I'm positively shallow compared to some of these people, and it's just a bit... well. Seven years writing fic, more than half a million words, and I still feel like an intimidated newbie sometimes. *shakes self* That said: more Pike fic this weekend, I swear, and a Spock-POV conversation with Kirk immediately post-XI movie. I just-- I'm going to see it one last time before I post anything else, I think, to clear my head and regrasp my own interpretation of the characters.
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My cat does not know what to make of my birthday balloons. She keeps circling them, sniffing the ribbons, staring up at all the different colors, shying away when they rub against each other. It's kind of entertaining to watch. Not as much as giving her a half-dozen bouncy balls to chase around the house, but still fun. *grin*

So far this year, for my birthday I have been given: various birthday wishes (thank you everyone); one eighteen-ounce (510g) soy candle, scented "Fresh Cut Grass"; two Macy's gift cards; one year's subscription renewal to AAA Plus; a bunch of helium balloons; a cute stuffed monkey; and a Pilates exercise set. All pretty darned practical (though awesome), aside from the monkey and the balloons. I'm counting on my brother for the "entertainment" gift quotient this year, but I don't think he's mailed it yet!

And of course there's also my gift to myself: 25lbs. lost and counting. *sighs happily*

Oh: and Happy Birthday to [ profile] ignavus, too! You know you'll always be a year older than I am! =)
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I apparently now have a FandomHistory wiki page: go figure. Not that it has anything on it yet that they didn't auto-scrape from the Pit of Voles. Still, 'tis a curious development.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason Ryan Seacrest makes so many sexually ambiguous comments/actions on American Idol, but then always resorts to defensive heteronormative claims when pressed, doesn't have anything to do with his actual sexuality, wherever it falls on the spectrum. It's an attempt to position himself as a show-host that everybody can identify with/be attracted to, regardless of orientation. Think about it a minute. With his work ethic? Marketability explains everything.

--On a more serious note. A work project for which I was drastically out of my depth, in addition to family issues and serious insomnia, have prevented my creative energy from recovering these last few weeks. I feel like I'm making excuses, but when I open up a blank page and the words don't come, there's no use forcing it. My brother is finally settling at his new base-- he had a bad first couple of weeks in Florida-- but Mom's in a black-hole depression now, and it's not just the fact that my brother isn't here anymore; there's also considerable co-worker-bitch-factor and problems-with-best-friend going on with her, and it makes me feel a little bit helpless.

It's been long enough since DS died, nearly three months now, that his mother doesn't need constant support anymore-- and now, instead of seeing a shoulder to cry on when she looks at my mom, she can't help but see person whose military son is still alive when mine isn't, so she's gone from clinging to repelled in no time flat. Mom is not dealing with that well at all, especially since she's still grieving, too. I was pretty furious with her for unrelated reasons a couple of weeks ago, but that's hard to hold onto when every time I see her the angle of her shoulders and the weary lines on her face make my heart hurt before she even opens her mouth.

At least I'm finally mostly caught up on LJ-reading, after a couple of weeks' avoidance of the 'net. Though not so much commenting: apologies.

And I did get to see Iron Man on Friday! Best superhero movie since Batman Begins, IMHO.

*mentally pushing up sleeves* New [ profile] tthdrabbles challenge later today, I swear; I've let that slide long enough. And drabbles, too, hopefully. I need to give myself a good kick in the pants.
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One of the most wrenching things about grief, I think, is this feeling of not being able to breathe.

Cut for more tl;dr about grief, D--, and what comes next... )

Would it be too much, do you think, if I dug around in my photo albums for pix of D-- to take along with the potted flowers when I drop by his parents' house tonight?
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Got my list from [ profile] kaylashay81:

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Click here for the interests chosen for me: )

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