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So, it's August already is it? Wow.

I'm mostly settled in my apartment now, adjusting to the shift in finances and missing my niblings like crazy. I've seen them a handful of times since the move; Tiny Man is now crawling! My mom has also acquired a full-time job for the first time in ... probably longer than I've been alive, now that she's finally admitted she has to pay for the upkeep on the house and maintain health insurance somehow before Dad's 401(k) runs out, or she'll be broke before his social security payments kick in. That's been a stressor and a half, and other family drama on top of that has been a major stressor on me.

In happier news-- mostly-- I went hiking with MaeveBran and her husband last weekend at Mt. Thielsen. She made it about three miles up the trail, near the crossing with the PCT; he and I kept going up the West Ridge route until the base of the summit pinnacle, at about the 9,000 foot level. It was amazingly beautiful, and the butterflies were migrating that week; we saw swarms of them even up that high! I had an attack of dumbass on the way down, though; when we reached MaeveBran again I took my eyes off my feet and lifted my walking stick to wave hello, and caught a foot on a rock. Cue instant massive contusion the size of my fist on my left shin, just below the knee, with miles of walking yet to go. A week later, there's still a sizeable knot there, and discoloration all the way down to my ankle; but at least I didn't break anything. And to make up for it we did dinner that night at the lodge at Crater Lake, since it was only about an hour away. Sunset views there: spectacular. Still, I think we'll plan a less difficult mountain next year. :)

Anyway, so what am I ficcing as I recover from all that plus the recent heat wave? I'm about 16,000 words into another Ichabod/Abbie het big bang, for which I'll be looking for an alpha reader soon; and I'm sort of half-way participating in the August Twistedshorts Ficathon as ideas occur. So you'll be seeing short crossovers pop up over the next few weeks. Other than that, we'll see; I missed the end of the signups for [community profile] crossovering while I was on the hiking trip, but I'm considering [community profile] fandomgrowthexchange.

I'll get to [community profile] backagainharry again by the end of the year; I swear it. It's just. Trying to wrap my head around that behemoth with other stressors going on never goes well. Same with the last of my wishlist fic; just can't do the pressure right now. September, October maybe? *squinting at calendar* Yeah, maybe.

Hope the rest of you are doing well!

Life Update

Aug. 7th, 2016 01:52 pm
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So, those of you who are used to expecting a flood of [ profile] twistedshorts Buffy crossovers out of me in August may have noticed I've been suspiciously absent.

Two reasons for that: I was sick with a bad summer cold I caught from my niece at the beginning of the month; and I'm currently glued to the Rio Olympics. I don't think I'm going to try to get involved, at this point, beyond working on some of my [ profile] wishlist_fic entries still unfinished from last December. Kind of a relief, actually. I've been doing it for how many years now? And that's a lot of pressure to add to the rest of my schedule.

I'm almost to the end of my [ profile] het_bigbang Little Bang; it's another Ichabod/Abbie, this one an AU of "Novus Ordo Seclorum/Incident At Stone Manor" aka Abbie Lost in Ziggurat Land, from the middle of Sleepy Hollow Season 3. After I did the AU of the S3 finale for [ profile] not_primetime, I got a lot of ideas about other times Ichabod might have stepped up rather than looking on in dismay, and, well. I'm 16,000+ words into this one.

I signed up for all three of the big bangs I've worked on this year pretty early; I'm surprised and pleased to have succeeded at all three. Together, they'll add up to more than 133,000 words, enough that I've already surpassed my word count from last year, and finally crossed the two million word mark at AO3! But [ profile] backagainharry and [ profile] wishlist_fic will definitely be my focus for the rest of the year.

In other news, I went ziplining this year with my mom on what would have been my dad's 65th birthday. We had a blast. Pictures later maybe? On my way over to her house now to do some digging so she can move some trees out of pots in her yard ....
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The oddest things can still trip you up, months after tragedy happens. I got an email from LinkedIn today asking me to celebrate my dad's work anniversary. I didn't even know he had a LinkedIn. I don't think anybody else did, either. It felt a little like being slapped in the face, staring at that email, wondering if anyone else got it, and what I'd have to do to take it down. Even though I wasn't at all fussed about finally deactivating his geocaching account last month. *shaking head*

Maybe it's more on my mind today since I went to see Sound of Music with my mom when they rereleased it on the big screen this weekend, and she burst into surprised tears the first time they sang Edelweiss; she'd forgotten, Dad bought her a music box with that song in it on their honeymoon and they danced all around the hotel room to it. She made sure to fetch it after and have me take a picture, so after she passes it won't just get garage sale'd without somebody realizing. (She does that sort of thing a lot these days. I try not to let it bother me.)

*clearing throat* Anyway. Before that I'd meant to post today about my growing pet peeve with Hobbit fandom: fics from 3rd person limited POV that continually reference Bilbo as the hobbit and Thorin as the dwarf and so on, occasionally with bonus character-distilling adjectives (Balin - the older dwarf! Dwalin - the tattooed dwarf! Bofur - the hatted dwarf! etc.) OMFG, I get that it's difficult to handle all the he's without mixing up who you're referring to if you don't want to always be repeating names, and those labels are convenient, but it's also very awkward and seems so... one-dimensional and also a little distant at the same time? Like I'm aware every time it happens that it's an author's reference trick rather than feeling that I'm right there in the moment with the characters, because that's not how real people mentally refer to each other.

Or at least, it's not how I think? Do people think that way? Seriously, I'm curious now. Because, like I said. It comes off as terribly, terribly awkward to me. And yet so many people do it! (And not just in this fandom, obvs; it's just even more obtrusive here.)
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I realize I haven't posted much in the last week or so, though I have four [ profile] wishlist_fic prompts left; I caught the inevitable holiday cold from staying up late so many nights writing and going out. I've been writing some, but nothing I want to post until the resultant brain-fog clears. Ugh. Sorry!

The actual holiday parts have been great, though - and I now have permission to pass on my excellent family news: I'm going to be an auntie, in August of next year! \0/ My mom is over the moon; and my brother is already neurotic (in a Must.Buy.Baby.Stuff and Must.Pamper.Wife way) about becoming a daddy. It's a good look on him. I'll be praying every day 'til then that everything goes perfectly for them.

Expect summary posts on the year's fic writing, entertainment consumption, and with any luck another fic or two Saturday or Sunday. Oh, and the Yuletide reveal, of course. =)

Happy 2011, everyone! May your upcoming New Year's Resolutions (if any) be as successful as mine have been the last two years, and may the year itself be happier than the last.
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Dude. *yawn* There's no way I'm going to be able to keep up this pace for all of the August Ficathon; I think I'll stop with the fic-a-day bit after this first theme week is done. It's fun, and it's generated new chapters for some old series I'd let languish, but it's pretty much blocked me from doing anything else, and I have Big Bang fics I really should be working on instead.

I'll probably post early tomorrow, and late Saturday; there's going to be about 30 hours of travel time sandwiched there in the middle where I'll be unplugged. I'm taking the train down to California with my sister-in-law's sister, so we can ride with bro & sis in their separate cars on the drive back up. A round-trip adventure!

♥ to you all. Oh, and how many of you have watched Salt? Is there a fandom for it yet? 'Cause I can't find one.


Dec. 20th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Well, I got my [ profile] yuletide in on time-- at 36 minutes 27 seconds, phew!

OTOH, my own requests are now sitting on the Yuletide Treats list, unwritten. *thinks positive thoughts toward last-minute writer crew*

(ETA, if that applies to you, dear reader: my original Dear Author post is here, if you need any additional insight or information on my requests).

In other news: the weather is completely beautiful and bizarre, and my brother and his fiancée picked out their rings on Friday. *does happy dance*
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I apparently now have a FandomHistory wiki page: go figure. Not that it has anything on it yet that they didn't auto-scrape from the Pit of Voles. Still, 'tis a curious development.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason Ryan Seacrest makes so many sexually ambiguous comments/actions on American Idol, but then always resorts to defensive heteronormative claims when pressed, doesn't have anything to do with his actual sexuality, wherever it falls on the spectrum. It's an attempt to position himself as a show-host that everybody can identify with/be attracted to, regardless of orientation. Think about it a minute. With his work ethic? Marketability explains everything.

--On a more serious note. A work project for which I was drastically out of my depth, in addition to family issues and serious insomnia, have prevented my creative energy from recovering these last few weeks. I feel like I'm making excuses, but when I open up a blank page and the words don't come, there's no use forcing it. My brother is finally settling at his new base-- he had a bad first couple of weeks in Florida-- but Mom's in a black-hole depression now, and it's not just the fact that my brother isn't here anymore; there's also considerable co-worker-bitch-factor and problems-with-best-friend going on with her, and it makes me feel a little bit helpless.

It's been long enough since DS died, nearly three months now, that his mother doesn't need constant support anymore-- and now, instead of seeing a shoulder to cry on when she looks at my mom, she can't help but see person whose military son is still alive when mine isn't, so she's gone from clinging to repelled in no time flat. Mom is not dealing with that well at all, especially since she's still grieving, too. I was pretty furious with her for unrelated reasons a couple of weeks ago, but that's hard to hold onto when every time I see her the angle of her shoulders and the weary lines on her face make my heart hurt before she even opens her mouth.

At least I'm finally mostly caught up on LJ-reading, after a couple of weeks' avoidance of the 'net. Though not so much commenting: apologies.

And I did get to see Iron Man on Friday! Best superhero movie since Batman Begins, IMHO.

*mentally pushing up sleeves* New [ profile] tthdrabbles challenge later today, I swear; I've let that slide long enough. And drabbles, too, hopefully. I need to give myself a good kick in the pants.
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Back at work this week. Not so much fun after vacation, but ironically enough, gives me more Internet proximity than gallivanting to the coast and Portland and theater pub and etcetera with the family. *grin* Evenings are still going to be very busy, though, until the 12th.

Speaking of! After the requisite Breakfast With Her Concerned Father, my brother gave his girlfriend a promise ring on Saturday. After about three weeks of actual dating. *boggles* Yeah, I think I called this one last month: sister-in-law sometime next year, for sure, unless something goes seriously awry. They are blindingly cute together. Mom even invited her to participate in family photos yesterday. Good thing I like her.

Anyway. Maybe I can catch up on more of my backlog of comments this week in between job duties. I spent today's borrowed moments distracting myself with a meme-- that one where you pick 12 characters, then answer 24 questions:

Character List:

1. Buffy Summers (B:tVS)
2. John McClane (Die Hard)
3. Zoë Washburne (Firefly)
4. Michael Carpenter (Dresden Files, bookverse)
5. Azkadellia (Tin Man)
6. James Tiberius Kirk (Star Trek)
7. Sarah Connor (Terminator: SCC)
8. Wesley Wyndham-Price (Angel)
9. Sara Sidle (CSI)
10. Evan Lorne (Stargate: Atlantis)
11. Éowyn (LotR)
12. Richard B. Riddick (Pitch Black, TCOR)

The Questions & Answers )

WHICH REMINDS ME. How many of you joined me in running out to buy a copy of Small Favor today? *dancing in chair*
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One of the most wrenching things about grief, I think, is this feeling of not being able to breathe.

Cut for more tl;dr about grief, D--, and what comes next... )

Would it be too much, do you think, if I dug around in my photo albums for pix of D-- to take along with the potted flowers when I drop by his parents' house tonight?
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Mom called. They're back from the coast. D--'s parents will be going back out tomorrow; still haven't found him. The Coast Guard have given up the search; they say it could be next morning, or three days from now, or two weeks, or never before he washes up.

This is going to be a very bad week. )


Feb. 16th, 2008 05:14 pm
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Something really terrible has happened today. No-- not Granddad. Worse.

There's this family that's lived down the street from mine ever since we moved up from Texas eighteen years ago. Went to the same church for years, their daughter was a year and a half younger than me and their son a few years younger than my brother, and we all got along really well. Their parents and ours still do stuff best-friend-style all the time.

For us, though-- the daughter's married with four babies and I almost never see her; and the son's been in the Army in Korea, so we haven't seen him much in recent years, either. Except he got out just before Christmas. And he and his new wife have been living with his Mom, here, while he arranged things so he could stay in the National Guard, get a regular job, and look for an apartment. I helped him put a resume together just last weekend, so he could look for a job with the local police or correctional institutions.

He went fishing with his brother-in-law today at the coast. Their boat capsized. He was knocked unconscious, according to the brother-in-law, who *was* rescued, and then-- they were separated. They can't find him. His parents took off for the coast with my parents about two and a half hours ago, and I haven't heard anything since. It doesn't look good.

ETA 7PM: For those of you who know this coast-- they were in a little raft-boat up by Pacific City when something happened to the motor, and then it capsized. A-- says he held on to D-- for an hour and a half after it happened, trying to keep them afloat and swallowing water the whole time, before he lost hold of him, and it was awhile longer before Coast Guard picked A-- up. They've found pieces of the boat washing up downcurrent at Neskowin, but no D--; and the water's so cold here-- there's no chance, even if he woke up immediately after A-- lost him, that D-- could have survived. My parents are staying with his at the coast over night; their whole family's there, his wife's been weeping for six hours-- it could be days before they find his body.

I just can't believe it. He was such a good kid-- had his whole life ahead of him. God. Why?
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I know, I disappeared off the face of the earth immediately after promising a new chapter. *wince* Sorry, writer's block got in the way, and then Real Life popped up and demanded my attention for awhile.

I spent nine hours Wednesday just balancing my accounts. Agh. Remind me never to wait four months to do that, ever again. I thought I had about $500 more than I actually do, because I'd forgotten to record a few things like, oh, my summer course registration fee, the auto insurance payments that were being automatically deducted from my account, etc., etc. *slapping forehead* But now my records on my checking account, student loans, car loan, and credit cards are all in Quickbooks, properly totalled and categorized, and the relevant bills all sorted in my filing cabinet. I felt nicely accomplished afterward.

If it weren't for the promise of unemployment checks starting next week, things might be looking a mite grim, though. Oh, I'm not short on money at the moment, but I only have about a month and a half of cushion for future bills; if I didn't have a source of income, I'd have to put in my 30-day notice with the next rent check. Thankfully, however, it looks like the government will be paying me about 80% of what my employers were, so all I have to do is cut back on things like books and DVDs and fast food and I should be fine until I get hired somewhere.

Thursday I spent some time with Meadhbha. We were meant to have a sewing get-together, but she didn't bring the necessary equipment, so we did a bit of shopping and watched movies instead. The first was "Court Jester", which I am informed is part of the Top Three necessary videos for any SCA member's education. (The other two, of course, are "The Princess Bride" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", both of which I own). It was highly entertaining, but a bit winceworthy, as many of the older comic musicals are. The second movie we watched was "Moulin Rouge", which I never would have seen on my own. Ewan McGregor might be a significant draw factor for me, but my dislike for Nicole Kidman balanced that out, and did I mention that I'm rather picky about musicals? I'm glad to have seen it the once, I suppose, so I can say that I have -- it was quite the experience -- but never again.

Yesterday morning I filled out some applications and voted. Gotta love the Oregon mail-in system, but it took awhile to read through all the informative pamphlets. I may tend to vote Republican, as most of my family does, but I'm registered Independent; I believe in weighing up the facts for oneself and making the decision that feels right, regardless of what the party line or public opinion might be. After that, I spent some time updating some of my other personal files.

Mom's sick. The injectable medication she's been taking for her severe osteoporosis has been making her ill, not as bad as most of the other options, but still not good, so they sent her in for an EKG Thursday to check for the cause of the chest pains she's having and Friday they scoped her upper GI tract to make sure there wasn't any damage there. I hate this. Sometimes it feels like she's been eroding away in tiny fragments for years, and she's only 46. She sounded awful on the phone last night. But at least there weren't any immediately apparent problems.

In slightly better news, my brother scored a 92 on his ASVAB. As long as he does well on his physical, there seems to be no immediate obstacle to his gaining his choice of Air Force career -- air traffic controller. Apparently, due to the high stress nature of the job, applications for the post are a little thin, so he has a decent chance of getting it. Also, as he already possesses an Associate's degree, he'd go straight to Airman First Class. Mom's tense over it, but it's not like he'd be in any combat danger like our friend DS, who is in advanced infantry bootcamp right now and will be on the ground in Iraq after the turn of the year.

Tomorrow, after church, I'm off the parents' house again. Every year, we throw our own private All Hallows' Eve party and watch a collection of horror movies. Not the gory ones, though. A couple of mildly spooky ones like "Sleepy Hollow" are good, but we usually follow them with old cheesy 50's type horror pics like "Them!" or "The Birds" or "Creature from the Black Lagoon". And of course, hot cider and caramel apples and ceramic pumpkins filled with candy.

I did avoid my duty once, 1999 I think, and stayed at Fox instead to host a party.

Here are a couple of pics from that one. )

Anyway. I suppose I'd better get back to The Mandalorian Armor if I want to have a review for it up within a week of starting it. I bragged about my reading speed, but I'm afraid my AD/HD tends to reduce that drastically when my interest is flagging, and Boba Fett was never the draw for me that the main characters are. Sure, he's cool, but in the end the stories of the various bounty hunters have relatively little impact on the vast story arcs that hold the Star Wars universe together. What I'm really looking forward to is reaching the Thrawn trilogy again, the first EU books I ever bought, but I have the rest of the Bounty Hunter Wars to slog through first, followed by The Truce at Bakura, the first seven X-Wing books, The Courtship of Princess Leia, and Tatooine Ghost. *sigh*

*sniffle* I have a cold, too. First of the fall season; joy. *cough* Hmm. I think I still have a few packets of Earl Grey tea left, and I suppose it's about time I got the lap blankets down out of the cupboard ...

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