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At the moment, I'm posting mostly my completed longer fanfic to Dreamwidth, but this sticky post contains links to the whole collection, including those still on LJ or AO3.

All fic are listed in alphabetical order. Fic not set in the Buffy and Angel-verse are split into a separate post, linked here.

Updated through August 30, 2017.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series

Longer Fic (10,000+ words)

Adventures in Rome (WIP) -- PG-13; B:tVS/The Mummy; post-"Chosen" and TMR (2001); Rick/Evy & Buffy/Imhotep
Ever since the Year of Glory, strange men in robes had rubbed Buffy's nerves the wrong way. Currently 23,650 words

Canceling the Apocalypse -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS/Pacific Rim
The PPDC had figured out that the kaiju had been here before; what they didn't know was that they were actually Old Ones, the footsoldiers of ancient demon gods. That made them Slayer territory. But even a Slayer can't fight a hurricane alone. 20,200 words

The Five Stages of Grief -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS; AU for "Not Fade Away"
The legends rise; the heroes fall. Of course, there's more to the story than that. ~15,000 words

The Grail Prophecies -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; post-"Chosen" and mid-SG-1 Season 10; Buffy/Daniel
Slayer meets archaeologist on a plane back from England, phone numbers are exchanged, and prophecies unfold. 18,000 words

Handle ID Slayer -- PG-15; B:tVS/Doom; AU movie ending; Reaper/Buffy
Buffy goes along for the ride to Olduvai Station. 12150 words (including two tiny Firefly-cross sequels).

Lesser Men Saga -- PG-15; B:tVS/A:tS epic AU; mid-seasons 6 & 3
Who ever said 'no rest for the wicked' had it all backwards. Jonathan finds a direction; Wesley feels like a target; everyone else gets swept up in their wake. ~214,109 words; COMPLETE.

No Place Like Eureka -- PG-13; B:tVS/Eureka; AU post-5.05 "No Place Like Home" and up through "Shower the People" (3.15)
"Nathan-- this is your daughter, Dawn. Dawn Michelle Stark. You remember her, don't you?" (Or, an Alternate History of the Key). 21,300 words

See For Yourself -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1 AU; mid-season 7 and mid-season 8
Daniel becomes aware of suspiciously cult-like goings-on in California, and fears Goa'uld influence. Investigations ensue, and several paths are changed. 27,000 words

The Soul Job -- PG-15; Leverage/Angel; Eliot-centric teamfic
It's been a long time since Lindsey McDonald and Eliot Spencer went their separate ways... but if ever a man was in need of the leverage their team could apply, it was Eliot's brother. 25,000 words

Things We Trade For Freedom -- R; SGA/B:tVS; AU mid S7 and S3
When Ronon agreed to go with the Earthers after the Ancients claimed Altantis, he'd expected to end up fighting Ori soldiers, not taking a tour of Sheppard's country-- or stumbling into a first contact situation as strange as anything in Pegasus. 26,000 words

Uncle John (WIP) -- PG-13; B:tVS/SGA; post-"Chosen" and up through "Aurora" (2.09)
John Sheppard discovers family he never knew he had. Currently 13,500 words

Voices Like Thunder -- PG-15/M; B:tVS/Falling Skies; post-season 8 comics and post-Season 1
"And I heard a voice like the noise of thunder..." (Life after the Apocalypse, Slayer Style, among the Massachusetts Militia). 19,300 words

Short Non-Xover Fic (1000-10,000)

As A Queen, Sufficient -- PG; B:tVS; post "What's My Line?"
Kendra, debriefing after her first trip to Sunnydale. 1500 words

Cages Of Their Own Making -- PG-13; A:tS; post "Not Fade Away"
Spike and Illyria engage in a little contract negotiation with a pair of representatives from Wolfram and Hart. 2200 words

Demon's Holiday -- PG; B:tVS; post-canon
And then Rupert noticed a short older man in a taupe suit and eyeglasses walking into a shop that sold cheese. 1600 words.

The Definition of Damsel -- PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS; post-canon
Some things just had to be experienced to be believed. 2800 words.

Down the Primrose Path -- PG-13; A:tS; post-"Damage" S5 AU
Wesley thought about it a moment more-- thought about his own disillusionment of late, the increasing emptiness that threatened to swallow him whole every moment he sat in that gilded office-- and nodded, slowly. 2700 words.

Moving On -- PG-13; A:tS; post "Not Fade Away"; Wes/Illyria
Five gifts, five anniversaries, and one reclamation, Illyria-style. 1500 words

One, and One, and Two Together -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS; post S7/S4 AU; Buffy/Wes
Epiphanies happen at the oddest times. 1800 words

spoonfuls of sugar need not apply (AO3) - PG-13; B:tVS; post-Season 5
It grated on Dawn's nerves to still have a sitter at an age when the others had been out roaming cemeteries and hanging with their friends and dating all the wrong people. But at least it was Spike. 1800 words

This Will Do -- PG-15; A:tS; post "Not Fade Away"; Wes/Illyria
Illyria offers Wesley something more than a lie. 1100 words

There's Another Train (There Always Is) -- PG-15; A:tS; post "Tomorrow" AU
In the aftermath of Cordelia's ascension, a new seer has been chosen. 9000 words

Truths Uttered Before Their Times (AO3) -- R; A:tS; Gunn/Fred/Wes
The best things in life come in threes: like friends, dreams and memories. 6000 words

Weep Not For The Past -- PG-13; B:tVS; "Chosen" tag
"I'm sure you noticed I wasn't exactly a fan of yours, when I first came to Sunnydale." 1800 words

Short Xover Fic - w/Eureka (1000-10,000)

At Least It Wasn't Zombies -- PG-13; B:tVS/Eureka; post-"Chosen" and "Bad to the Drone" (3.01)
As long as his job in Eureka never crossed the line into outright horror movie territory, Jack could tell himself it wasn't really all that bad. 1400 words

Crossing The Timestreams -- PG-13; B:tVS/Eureka; post-"Chosen" & "A New World"
Dr. Burkle tilted her head, birdlike, and the hairs inexplicably stood up on the backs of Jo's arms. 1200 words

Just Another Day in the Neighborhood -- PG-13; B:tVS/Eureka; post-"Chosen" & "Ship Happens"
As long as Jo had any part of her arsenal along, she'd never be intimidated by anyone girly enough to wear high-heeled sandals with pink toe polish, or a shirt that low-cut, no matter how physically strong she was supposed to be. 1600 words

Ninja Prowess -- PG; B:tVS/Eureka; post-"Chosen" and Season 4-ish
"Technologically enhanced ninja prowess," Jack scoffed to himself as he reached for his radio. "You just had to say it." 1650 words.

Off The Beaten Path -- PG; B:tVS/Eureka; post-series-ish
Buffy tilted her head to see who else was insane enough to attempt the long hike on a ninety-plus degree day. 1500 words.

Short Xover Fic - w/Leverage (1000-10,000)

Going For a Slay Ride -- PG; B:tVS/Leverage; post-canon and Season 4-ish
Add in some possible demon killing on the side, because this was her, and... yeah. Just what Eliot needed under the tree this year. 1000 words

Into the Lioness' Den & Dating By Hellmouth Rules & The Shovel Talk Job
PG-13; B:tVS/Leverage; tags for "The Soul Job"
Buffy didn't know what to think when Eliot Spencer showed up in Cleveland. 1200+1200 +600 words

No Quality In Things Themselves -- PG; B:tVS/Leverage; post-canon for both
Sophie was there for the art. Anya was there for the money. But for both of them, giving up the life didn't mean giving up the instincts. 1300 words

This Skin That I Live In -- PG-13; Angel/Leverage; AU tag for A:tS 2.18 "Dead End"
Lindsey stared at the demon in disbelief. "Wait a minute. What do you mean, half a soul?" 1100 words

Short Xover Fic - w/Marvel Cinematic Universe (1000-10,000)

Dawn, Insert Last Name Here & Teenage Trojan Horse of Chaos -- PG-13; B:tVS/Iron Man; post-series, pre-Iron Man
The discovery that Dawn Summers was maybe not actually a Summers began like so many other dramatic changes in her life: with a disappointment. 3000+2100 words

The Future's Open Wide & The More We Get Together (The Happier We'll Be)
PG-13; B:tVS/MCU; post-series and post-Captain America 2
"Not to step on both your fragile male egos," Buffy rolled her eyes, "but they attacked me first. And you might have noticed the lack of octopi on their uniforms?" 1700+3000 words.

Half Human, Half Frickin' Danger Magnet -- PG-13; A:tS/GOTG2; post-series and post-movie
Rocket had lagged behind for only the teensiest moment, scanning the crowd for any easy bounties, and in that miniscule gap of time, Quill had somehow managed to find the creepiest female on the planet. 1200 words

An Infinitesimal Problem -- Scoobies & Scott Lang, post-Ant Man
Apparently, the guy had ridden a flying ant. Good grief, and Dawn had thought her life before the Hellmouth's collapse had been weird. 1700 words

Intergalactic Priority Mail (AO3) -- PG-13; B:tVS/GOTG; post-"Chosen" and post-movie
The real question was, what had Peter's mother been doing that would warrant the effort of tracking him down so far from Earth? And how much trouble was it going to get them into? 9000 words

shut down the city lights -- PG-13; A:tS/Avengers; post-series, post-Avengers, pre-Thor 2
She's always had a hard time saying no to her boys, even if they change across dimensions. 2000 words

Short Xover Fic - w/Stargate (1000-10,000)

Better Luck Next Time, Dr. Jackson & Dr. Buffy Is In -- PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS; post-series for both
"I didn't used to be a psychologist, you know," Buffy said. "That's my 'retired and finally got my degree' job." 2600+1200 words

Goddess of Prophecy -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; post-"Chosen" pre "Reckoning, Part I" (8.16)
Buffy faces a difficult choice: accept her third death, or take the Tok'ra up on their offer. 1750 words

Hok Tau'ri -- PG-13; B:tVS/Stargate SG:1; post-"Chosen" and "Full Circle" (6.22)
"She simply shouldn't be able to do the things she's doing, sir; I have no explanation for it." ~1500 words

Like a House On Fire -- PG-13; B:tVS/Stargate SG-1; post-series for both
This one, Vala would have been tempted to wink and woo, had she met him in another situation. 1100 words

Maternal Instinct -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS/SGA; post-"Chosen", "Not Fade Away" and Season 3
Buffy was a little jealous that this legendary demoness had managed what she couldn't. 1500 words

Moonfall -- PG-13; A:tS/SG-1; post-"Not Fade Away" and mid-"Avenger 2.0" (7.09)
(Now with drabble tags: Obstacle and Opportunity & Resource Reclamation)
A mercy mission gone wrong becomes an unusual first contact experience for Daniel Jackson. 4100 words

More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine (AO3) -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; post-"Seeing Red" (6.19) and Season 10
Jack O'Neill wasn't Loki's only unsanctioned experimental subject-- just the only one under Thor's protection. On an unnamed extraterrestrial base, a former Sunnydale resident waits. 7500 words

A Myriad of Lives -- PG-13; A:tS/SG-1 AU; post-"Loyalty" (3.15) and "Moebius, Part II" (8.20)
Wesley had been looking forward to this day ever since he'd realized that Daniel's claims to have traveled in time were more than just the product of a deranged mind. 4100 words

Seek, and Ye Shall Find -- PG-13; B:tVS S8/SGA; post-comics Season 8 and post-series
This wasn't the first afternoon Dawn had picked a vantage point to gaze out over the water, nor the first time she'd watched living things either vanish or mysteriously detour around a specific area. 2300 words

A Study in Contrasts -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; post-series for both
Nothing against Rosenberg, but Jack had never figured her for Teal'c's type. 1800 words

There's No Place Like Valos Cor -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1 AU; post-"Chosen" and "The Pegasus Project" (10.03)
Xander arrives at the SGC bearing gifts. 3500 words

This Is Your Life -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1/Atlantis; post-"Chosen" and "The Pegasus Project" (10.03)
A case of mistaken identity, complicated by a dimension-hopping slayer and her friends, add an extra layer of confusion to Daniel's first day in the Ancients' city. 2000 words

Ugly Black Dress -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1/Atlantis; post-"Chosen" and SG-1 Season 8 (goes AU)
A series of stories about a relationship between the frequently dead. 4600 words (in 15 parts).

An Unexpected Gift -- PG-13; A:tS/SG-1 AU; "Conviction" (5.01) and "Evolution, Part II" (7.12)
A certain package meant for Angel ends up on Daniel Jackson's desk instead. 9100 words (in 9 parts).

Welcome to the SGC -- PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1 AU; post-"Chosen" and post-"The Shroud" (10.14)
Jack had been paying more attention to the grill than to the geeks when Summers handed over the pendant, but he'd seen enough to dismiss it as ordinary, unimportant. He should have known better. 1400 words

Whither The Road May Lead -- PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS; post-canon for both
Paul wasn't sure what prompted him to pull over when he saw the dark-haired woman in motorcycle leathers sticking out a thumb at the side of the road. 1800 words

Short Xover Fic - Other Fandoms (1000-10,000)

Being Inside Joy & Left Behind -- PG-13; B:tVS/Star Trek; post-"Chosen" and VII: "Generations"
Glory's portal sent Buffy to a place outside of time called the Nexus. 500+900 words

The Benefits of Inter-Agency Cooperation -- PG-13; B:tVS/Fast and Furious 6, mid-movie; Buffy/Hobbs
Owen Shaw had demons working with him, too. Fortunately, Hobbs had another consultant in mind for that aspect of the job: Buffy Summers. 1600 words

Big Trouble, Little Slayer & It's All In The Reflexes -- PG-15; BTiLC/B:tVS movie (1992)
This is the story of how Jack Burton kind of, sort of, accidentally became a Watcher. 1500+1700 words

Blessed Interference -- R; B:tVS/Boondock Saints; mid-"Dirty Girls" (7.18); "Boondock Saints" (1999)
Buffy isn't the only avatar of righteousness with a claim against Caleb. 1100 words

Conferring With The Flowers & Advice Unsought -- PG-13; A:tS/Tin-Man
Lorne might be able to survive a temporary beheading with no permanent harm done, but he was pretty sure removing half a brain was problematic for the long-term health of any sentient species. 1200+1900 words

Daughter of Sekhmet -- PG-13; B:tVS/The Mummy; post-"Chosen" and "The Mummy Returns" (2001)
Not all of the new Slayers necessarily need to be found. 1600 words

Disposable Heroes -- PG-13; B:tVS/LotR; post "Passion" (2.17) and "Fellowship of the Ring"
Jenny Calendar is offered a new job after her death, one that brings her into contact with other heroes who never lived to see their efforts bear fruit. 1500 words

Diverted Destiny -- PG-13; B:tVS/Star Wars; post-"Chosen" and "Return of the Jedi"
The death of Emperor Palpatine creates a vast disturbance in the Force, and a certain Jedi is unexpectedly caught up in the backwash. 1500 words

Engineers Wear Red Shirts, Too -- PG-13; B:tVS/Star Trek (AOS); post-"Chosen" and "Into Darkness"
Oz knows there's no mission like an away mission with half the senior staff in the line of fire. 3000 words

The Evidence Never Lies+Inconvenient Anomalies in the Data -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS/CSI
An unusual case prompts Grissom to give his team The Speech; Greg meets a beautiful blonde and conspires to cover up a crime. 800+1600 words

Exorcizing Old Memories -- PG-15; Dresden Files (novels)/B:tVS
I woke to the unusual sensation of soft, warm flesh draped over my chest and thighs, and the slightly more familiar din of tiny dwarves with hammers pounding away on the inside of my skull. 2000 words

Fallen Behind -- PG-13; B:tVS/PotC; post-"Chosen" and "Dead Man's Chest" (AU)
Buffy and Faith make an unexpected acquaintance aboard The Flying Dutchman. 1200 words

Field Trip to Isla Sorna -- PG-13; B:tVS/JP; post-"Chosen" and "Jurassic Park III"
Buffy hadn't been sure what to expect of the excursion the boys had arranged; especially not that the tour guide would turn out to be the most interesting part. 3000 words

Figures of Myth and Legend -- PG-13; Sanctuary/B:tVS; post-"Kali" (2.12), mid-Buffy S8 comics
Helen Magnus stared incredulously at the low-quality images that had been sent over from the Tokyo branch of the Sanctuary network. 1400 words

The First and Best Victory -- PG-13; A:tS/Pacific Rim; post-series and movie tag
Working at the Wall, you hear a lot of things that never make the public newsfeeds. Everyone up there knows a guy who knows a guy who says he's seen Her. 2200 words

Hands Against the Dark -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS/VH; post-"Chosen", "Not Fade Away" and "Van Helsing" (2004)
The Left Hand of God and the Hand of Sineya face new challenges together. 3400 words

Half What, Now? & Destiny is a Dirty Word-- PG-13; B:tVS/PJO; post-"Chosen" and The Last Olympian
Camp Half-Blood really was a lot like high school on the Hellmouth. 1600+2900 words.

Hang In There, Slayer -- PG-13; B:tVS/T:tSCC; post-"Chosen"and Season 1 (AU)
Connor-- always Connor even to her, never John-- has a well-known thing for strong women, and a hint of desperate hunger in the depths of his eyes. 1900 words

The Heroine and the Half Shell & Entertaining Angels -- PG-13; B:tVS/TMNT; Buffy/Raphael
"Dear Cousin of April": The development of a relationship in six seven conversations. 5100+2500 words

his brains, her steel, their strength -- PG-13; B:tVS/The Walking Dead; post-series/post-S3
Daryl hadn't been very impressed with her, at first: a tiny little blonde who maybe came up to his chin. Had to be pure luck she'd even survived long enough to be found. 2100 words.

If The Play Ran a Little Different-- PG-13; Angel/PJO; AU for "Birthday" and general book spoilers
Cordy was ready to strangle him. "What, Wes? Spit it out. What do Greek demigods have to do with me?". 2000 words.

In Memory of Penny Lesse -- PG-13; A:tS/Dr. Horrible; post-"Not Fade Away" and "Act III"
Just when you feel you've almost drowned, you find yourself on solid ground. 2000 words

In Pursuit of Happiness -- PG-13; A:tS/Hancock; Post-"Not Fade Away"; "Hancock" (2008)
Mary had a bag of groceries in her arms, dinner to cook, and her son inside doing his homework; she really wasn't in the mood for a confrontation. 1200 words

In This Life or the Next -- PG-13; B:tVS/Dracula Untold; post-movie and post-series (no comics)
It had been years since Buffy had dreamed regularly of her past lives. Most days, she forgot she'd ever been anyone else at all. 1600 words

Into Every Generation-- Whoops, Wrong Tagline -- PG; B:tVS/Sleepy Hollow; post-"Chosen" and Season 3 finale fixit
Abbie meets another universe's version of 'she who saves the world a lot.' 2100 words

it's always about the blood -- PG-13; White Collar/B:tVS
Neal sat back, staring at Elizabeth's guest wide-eyed. "Mozzie will never believe this... or maybe he will. Don't tell me, the organization you work for really is a secret conspiracy spanning centuries?" 1600 words.

Lesson One, Complete & Lessons Relearned -- PG-13; B:tVS/Nanny McPhee; late Season 6 (goes AU)
An oddly compelling woman by the name of Nanny McPhee appears on the Summers family doorstep. 700+1700 words.

Love, After -- R; B:tVS/The Mummy; post-"Chosen" and "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" (2008)
Buffy clung to Rick as the ripples of his revelation shook through the comfortable relationship she'd built around him. 2700 words

Mansfield Slayer -- PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS/Mansfield Park; post-"Chosen" and "Not Fade Away"
Buffy's cookies are done, and she has some questions for her Watchers. 1600 words

Meant For More -- B:tVS/Diablo III -- PG-13; post-S5 and post-game
They made a strange pair, standing at the top of the Silver Spire: mortal and angel, tall armored figure with wings of fire beside a small blonde female in decorative trousers and tunic. 1300 words.

A Meeting of Equals -- B:tVS/John Wick; PG; post-Chosen and post-JW2
John Wick might have been the Boogeyman's Boogeyman of his world, but there were others with similar titles, and there were rules about that sort of thing. 1000 words

Mover and Shaker -- PG-13; B:tVS/Push; post-"Chosen" and post-movie
Anyone who was anyone in the supernatural community could have dropped Lorne's name and pointed these kids in Buffy's direction, light or dark. 1000 words

Needs More Chainsaw -- PG; B:tVS/Sharknado 5; "Chosen" and post-movie
A guy named Fin fighting sharks? Well, Buffy couldn't say he didn't own his theme. 1200 words

No Barrel of Monkeys+what we make together (a family is) -- PG-13; B:tVS/CSI
Xander was pretty sure he could handle whatever legacy his family of origin had gifted him with, even if it wasn't exactly what he'd dreamed of. 1200+2000 words

The Old-Fashioned Way -- PG-13; Angel/Sorcerer's Apprentice, post-NFA/pre-movie AU
Wesley focused not on fire but plasma for his second strike, the very first offensive magic he had ever been taught to use. 1700 words

One Who Wandered -- PG-13; B:tVS/LotR AU; mid-"Dead Things" (6.13) and pre-trilogy
Warren accidentally succeeds in ridding Sunnydale of the Slayer. Elrond deals with the fallout. 1200 words

Out of Phase -- PG; POI/B:tVS; S2-ish and post-series
Their research into the Number had hit a number of dead ends; he'd lived in a Tibetan monastery for years and spent his early life in a town best known as a notorious source for forged documents. 2700 words

Out of the Silver Sea & Carried Safe to Shore -- PG-13; STXI/B:tVS, post-canon, Bones/Buffy
Buffy was far too old and jaded to cry; not even for the first man she'd, okay, loved, in more than a century would she let herself be that weak. But this was a day of surprises, it seemed. 1400+2500 words

Plan Z -- PG-13; Fast & Furious/B:tVS; post-"Fast and Furious" (2009) and post-"Chosen"
"A few things changed during the years you and Dom were gone, Brian," Mia said. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but-- it's not exactly easy to explain."2000 words

The Princess and the Pizza -- PG-13; B:tVS/Tin-Man; post-"Chosen" and post-series
If D.G. had gone to school in Sunnydale instead of B.F.E., Kansas, Dawn thought, she'd have fit right in with the Scoobies. 2000 words

Refracted Light -- PG-13; B:tVS/Fifth Element; post-"Chosen" and post-movie
The green-haired girl couldn't be anything like as young as she seemed. 1800 words

said the spider to the fly -- PG-13; Dresden Files/A:tS; circa "Turn Coat" and post-series
Sometimes, it's rolling up for a meeting with a woman who called me to 'find her guide', and finding myself face to face with the likes of an elder god's elder god instead. 1100 words

Secondary Insurance Policy -- PG-13; B:tVS/Hancock; Post-"Chosen"; "Hancock" (2008); Sanctuary (S1)
See, the thing is, the Powers like to play with loaded dice; they never put all their eggs in one basket. 1900 words

Should Have Gone to Alaska -- PG-13; B:tVS/PotC; S2/S3-ish and "Dead Man's Chest" (AU)
The captain's tentacle beard started to writhe in a completely nauseating dance, a strange gurgling sound emerging from it that Cordelia was horrified to realize was a chuckle. 1400 words.

Slayer of Interest (AO3) -- PG; B:tVS/POI; post-series and S2-ish
The Machine had kept giving Finch social security numbers from California. Week after week, the same little town. 3300 words

some things you can't disguise -- R; B:tVS/The Walking Dead; post-series/post-S2
She looked kind of like a pixie, in snug worn shorts with a pale green sleeveless tee and her golden hair cut short like a halo, but her green eyes were sharp and dangerous. Daryl didn't know what Buffy'd done before she'd come to them, but he surely knew a predator when he saw one. 2200 words.

Spinning the Wheel -- PG-15; B:tVS/Faster/A:tS; post-movie and post-series (no comics)
In the summer of 2001, Buffy Summers, The Slayer, was dead. Long live The Slayer. 2500 words

a storm with silken reins -- PG-13; Grimm/B:tVS; Buffy/Renard/Nick
It wasn't a gentle love that bound them together, Slayer to half-wesen Prince to Grimm. Hunters to one who should have been their prey; servants to one who in another age would have commanded their allegiance. 2500 words

Tell 'Em All I Ain't Coming Back -- PG-13; Angel/Firefly; S4/post-series
So much for the handsome man rescuing her from the monsters. Fred was gonna have to rescue herself. 2250 words

that kind of luxe just ain't for us -- PG; Sleepy Hollow/B:tVS; mid-S1/post-series
Now that she was out of the psych ward for good, there was a call Jenny needed to make. 1000 words.

There's Always Another Way -- PG; post-"Chosen" AU and season 1 finale fixit
Frank Irving looked down at the card, then dialed the 1-800 number on its face. Which had come first, the group from the cheesy teenage horror show, or the esoteric cleanup company currently using its name? Whichever, he didn't care, as long as they lived up to their billing. 2000 words

This World Doesn't Belong To Us? No Kidding. -- PG-13; B:tVS/Kong: Skull Island/Godzilla (2014)
The Mayor caught the attention of Project Monarch. A decade later, Project Monarch caught the Slayer's. 1000 words

The Truth That Is Given Us & Let the Games Begin -- PG-13; White Collar/B:tVS
In the window of time between their second and third meetings, Neal Caffrey carefully avoided doing any obvious research into the deliciously mysterious Buffy Summers. 2200+2700 words

Walk No More In Shadow -- PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS/LotR; post-canon for all series
Daniel dreamed of the blonde woman with the steel-bright eyes: standing with him atop a battlement, gazing out over trampled fields toward the ominous fume of war. 2200 words

The Way Is Shut (For The Dead Keep It) -- PG-15; A:tS/The Walking Dead; post-series/post-S2
Illyria stood atop the former Wolfram and Hart building in downtown Washington DC and listened to the unmusical groans of the city's remaining inhabitants thronging the streets below her. 1200 words.

Wishing You Were(n't) Here -- PG-13; B:tVS/Firefly; post-series/post-movie
Anya's back. But the justice business hasn't gotten any more satisfying since the last time she tried it. 1150 words

Wizards for Hire -- PG-13; Dresden Files TV/A:tS, post-series for both
In hindsight, I might've jumped the gun just a little when I first ran into the strange wizard with the scarred throat and British accent in my city. 2750 words.

A Woman's Work is Never Done -- B:tVS/Brisco cross. Minor character fic.
Oklahoma 1893: A series of savage attacks claimed the lives of seventeen homesteaders. The murders stopped when a young blacksmith passed through town. 1000 words

Worth Waiting For -- PG-13; B:tVS/Expendables; missing scene for first movie
Even self-rescuing princesses could use a strong shoulder to lean on sometimes. 1200 words

Short Series (1000-10,000)

All Made Up

PG-13; A:tS/Firefly; post-"Not Fade Away" and "Serenity" (2005)
The Wolf, Ram and Hart were a fairy tale. Story made up to frighten children. Or so Mal had always thought.
  1. In Shattered Reflection
    For all that they looked the same, their insides were as different as oil and gunpowder, as the girl who'd dreamed of being a dancer and the kuángzhě de assassin who put on her face. 1300 words

  2. Of the Wolf, Ram and Hart
    Mal woke up slowly, blinking as he recognized the familiar ceiling of Serenity's med bay floating above him. 1150 words

  3. Time to Stop Falling
    It unsettled Mal a little, the idea that there had been folk doing to others what had been done to River-- or near enough-- even so many years ago. 2100 words

  4. Stripping Away the Thorns
    Zoë's ready to tell her story. But Mal's maybe not quite so ready to hear it. 3500 words

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

PG-15; B:tVS/Boondock Saints; post-"Chosen" and post-movie
Buffy has never had a boyfriend whose hands were free of blood.
  1. Audaces Fortuna Iuvat - Summers; 700 words
  2. Arcana - McManus; 750 words
  3. Aude Sapere - Summers; 1100 words
  4. Audi Alteram Partem - McManus; 2300 words
  5. Amor Vincit Omnia - Summers; 850 words

Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer (WIP)

PG-13; B:tVS/Independence Day; AU Season 1 and post-movie
Aliens invaded Earth after Buffy killed Lothos, but before she moved to Sunnydale. Some things stayed the same after that, but some things happened very differently.
  1. No Victory Dance - Another way the Slayer might have ended up in Sunnydale. 1000 words

  2. Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer - In any universe, Joyce Summers doesn't react well to her daughter's unique occupation. 200 words

  3. Hero on the Hellmouth - And Xander had thought aliens were a lot to get his mind around..... 1300 words

  4. An Untimely Frost - Mrs. Madison had been able to land an altogether more costly blow. 600 words

  5. What Do You Mean, Oops? - "In case of apocalypse, break Slayer, I know," Buffy said. "Oops; I mean, summon Slayer." 2100 words

  6. Entropy Doesn't Always Win - "What? Are you sure?" Buffy objected as the weekly chat with her Watcher veered straight into unexpected apocalypse territory. 1400 words

  7. Time for the Fireworks - It all came down to one more sacrificial Hail Mary pass, once again on the brink of utter annihilation. The difference was? This time, Buffy was on scene to do something about it. 1200 words

Can I Keep You?

PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; AU post-"In the Line of Duty" (2.02) and "Becoming, Part II" (2.22)
After killing Angel, Buffy runs to Los Angeles... but she doesn't stay there.
  1. Can I Keep You?
    Buffy climbed down from the bus that had taken her to Colorado Springs, a duffle bag containing all her current worldly possessions slung over one shoulder, and sighed. 1800 words

  2. Fresh Start
    Buffy settles in at Sam's house and meets Janet Frasier. 1200 words

  3. Crossing Bridges
    She wouldn't give Beth up for anything, not now that the young woman had finally come back to her, but there was no way she could have her and SG-1 both. 1500 words

  4. Challenging Assumptions
    In a universe where a woman who knew nothing of modern technology could create organically based cold fusion, Sam was willing to concede that anything was possible. It just hadn't occurred to her to extend that concept to her own planet... and daughter. 2300 words

  5. Hold On To Me As We Go
    The SGC had Sam's phone number, if worse came to worst, and in the meanwhile, she was supposed to meet her daughter for dinner and a stroll through the nightlife of Denver. 2500 words

Dancing with Dinosaurs

B:tVS/Terra Nova; PG-13 overall. Spoilers for the entire series of both, no comics.
  1. A Little More Than One Million B.C. -- Control the past, control the future? Not on Buffy's watch. (A challenge drabble series). 2000 words

  2. Paging Eryishon -- If Buffy could bring someone from 2149 without the Sixers' help, it would make Terra Nova's position that much stronger in the inevitable conflict. 2000 words.

  3. One Foot in Fairy Tale -- He was a man of concretes and absolutes, and it had been a long time since he'd listened to his grandmother's stories. 2800 words.

  4. Taking Up the Quest -- "It was because of her, wasn't it? The fracture reacted to my heritage, somehow." 2500 words.

  5. Hunting Wabbit -- Willow had lived through the gasping last breaths of Gaia once; she was not about to do it again. 2400 words.

  6. Applying Leverage: Part I & Part II -- "Speaking of secrets," Buffy said, frowning at Mira. "What brought you to Terra Nova, anyway?" 4400 words.

Daughters of Charon

PG-13; B:tVS/Pirates of the Caribbean; post-"Chosen" and "At World's End" (2007)
  1. Daughters of Charon - As the date of The Visit loomed closer, Buffy grew more and more distracted, arguing with herself whether she really was going to show up this time. 1700 words

  2. Witty Jack - For what we want most, there is a cost must be paid in the end. 3100 words

  3. Bringing That Horizon - "S'pose that's appropriate," Giacomo said. "This compass has never pointed north in all the years I've owned it." 1000 words

  4. There's Always Got to Be a Captain - Jack wasn't the only man ever to make a bargain with the wrong devil. 900 words

  5. Where We Will, We'll Roam - Boys. She'd have thought hundreds of years of experience would give them a little more maturity-- if she hadn't seen Angel and Spike do the same thing, time after time. 2200 words

The Edge of a Knife

PG-15; A:tS/LotR; AU for the end of Season 5; general for "Lord of the Rings"; Wes/Illyria
Much that once was, was lost when Sauron acquired the Ring. Illyria intends to correct that mistake.
  1. Look On My Works, Ye Mighty
    Wesley discovers that demons weren't the first sentients to inhabit the Earth. 1400 words

  2. The Courage of Men
    It has been said that the line of Luthien will never fail. 400 words

  3. In Darkness Bound
    No one yet lived with a better claim to It than Illyria. 400 words

  4. Another Path to Tread
    When all other courses have been weighed, apparent folly may prove the only path worth taking. 600 words

  5. In An Antique Land
    It was many minutes before Wesley remembered that there was something unusual about the very fact of his waking. 1000 words


PG; B:tVS/Jurassic Park; Buffy/Alan Grant; post-"Chosen" and "Jurassic Park III"
Buffy stops by a paleontological dig at Fort Peck Lake, Montana.
  1. Earth -- 200 words
  2. Fire -- 200 words
  3. Air -- 200 words
  4. Water -- 200 words
  5. Metal -- 200 words
  6. Like Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip -- Buffy meets Ian; 1400 words

Grave Survivors

PG-13; B:tVS/CSI; post-"Chosen" and "Grave Danger" (5.24) through season 6
Nick Stokes isn't the only one who's ever awakened six feet underground.
  1. Grave Survivors
    "Uh, hi," the message began. "You, uh, don't know me; but my name is Buffy Summers, and I saw what happened to you on TV." 1000 words

  2. Dear Ms. Summers
    Nick Stokes has a penpal. 700 words

  3. Raincheck
    Of all the days for things to go wrong, it had to be the day Buffy was flying in to meet him. 700 words

  4. Closing the Distance
    Something about Nick had kept Buffy writing and checking the caller ID every time her cell phone rang. 1500 words

  5. A Non-Issue
    Nick knew as well as any man that when a girl sat him down with an invitation to Talk it was rarely good news. 1900 words

  6. A Perfect Dinner
    "Ah, I get it," Nick said. "A soft-ball introduction to Scooby holidays, for the new guy." 4200 words

Handle With Care

PG-13; B:tVS/Dresden Files; post-"Chosen" and #7 "Dead Beat" through #10 "Small Favor"
  1. Handle With Care -
    Ms. Summers might as well have worn a sign reading 'Danger to Life and Limb' in large, neon print. 4000 words

  2. Risky Business - The day after my first meeting with Summers, Ramirez finally got my messages and called me back. 2000 words

  3. Loaded for Bear (AO3) - The second time I found Ms. Summers leaning against a vehicle outside my apartment, I was considerably less surprised-- and considerably more relieved-- to see her. 2500 words

  4. A Spirit of All Compact of Fire - "And your current intentions....?" Buffy asked without missing a beat. "...Are to ask a very lovely woman who has every right to tie me into a pretzel whether she'd like to have dinner with me instead," I ventured. 4600 words

  5. Words Unspoken - "Ah-ree! You should have told me your little friend would come by today," Thomas said, in that hideously thick accent he affected in order to be taken seriously as a stylist. 1200 words

  6. Your Back to Mine - I was more than an hour late for our arranged meeting at McAnally's. Fortunately, Buffy was amused. 2000 words

Hard Duties

PG-15; B:tVS/Die Hard; post-"Chosen"; "Live Free or Die Hard" (2007); "A Good Day to Die Hard" (2013)
  1. A Thing About Duty
    The day after her dad checked out of the hospital, Lucy dug through her purse for the business card she'd been given four years before. 300 words

  2. A Watcher's Duty
    This wasn't John McClane's first trip on the merry-go-round. 1100 words

  3. Substitute Duties
    Lucy would never forgive him if John interrupted her and Matt's first weekend free in god knew how long. 2000 words

  4. A Father's Duty
    "Oh, I'm just going to Moscow to find Jack," John muttered under his breath, mocking his last conversation with his daughter. "What do I need the arsenal for? Just couple of stakes in case I get cornered in an alley; don't worry, Lucy, I'll be fine. Ha! Should have known." 1300 words

Hello, My Name Is

PG-13; B:tVS/SGA; post-"Chosen" and "The Intruder" (2.02)
  1. Hello, My Name Is
    Rodney was seldom impressed with other people's work at the best of times, and today's roster of prospective additions to the science team seemed to have been specially chosen to send his blood pressure through the roof. 2000 words

  2. A Hire Well Made
    At least Rodney could be sure one of the new wave wasn't worthless; he looked forward to seeing what else the computer genius would contribute in the future. 1000 words

  3. Out of This World
    Oz had figured nothing could surprise him, after Sunnydale. He'd been wrong. 1000 words

  4. Experiments in Socialization
    Oz was still savoring his first bite of pie when the door to the corridor swished open, and a strange change in the room's scent reached his nose. 2400 words

induce me to unfold

PG-13, het; B:tVS/Leverage/A:tS; post-series for Buffyverse
  1. strong objections to the lady -- Eliot & Buffy & Faith, 200 words

  2. symptoms of peculiar regard -- Eliot & Buffy & Faith, 500 words

  3. acquit me henceforth of cruelty
    Faith laughed. "Dude, you're good; but whoever sent you here totally set you up to fail." 1200 words

  4. a single man, in possession
    Eliot had never been so relieved to escape the custody of a pair of beautiful women in his life. 1000 words

  5. so immovable a dislike
    Between Angel and Eliot, and whoever Lindsey McDonald was, Buffy wasn't sure any of them were ready for past and present to collide. 4300 words

Polaris Wyndham-Price

PG-13; A:tS/Harry Potter; AU for "Not Fade Away"; post-"Deathly Hallows"
Wesley survives and returns to his mother's family in England.
  1. A Real Wizard -- Wesley, 850 words
  2. In Search of a Guiding Star -- Wesley & Andromeda, 850 words
  3. Dangerous Men -- Wesley & Harry, 2000 words
  4. Making (Re-)Connections -- Wesley & Weasleys, 2300 words
  5. Come Full Circle and Start Anew -- Wesley & Illyria, 1500 words

Primitive Side (WIP)

PG-15, het; B:tVS/Pitch Black; post-"Chosen" and pre-"Chronicles of Riddick"
Richard B. Riddick meets Buffy, erstwhile Vampire Slayer.
  1. BeautifulRiddick finds an equal. 300 words
  2. InstinctualThe Slayer awakens. 600 words
  3. HabitualRiddick gets to know his unexpected passenger a little better. 300 words
  4. MutualThe day the Slayer finally reclaims her name doesn't start any differently from any other in her new, starlit existence. 1200 words
  5. LiminalWhile Riddick was no fan of the bright worlds, or they of him-- with Buffy by his side, he thought he might actually enjoy the trip. 1600 words
  6. PunctualBuffy's been awake five years now; she'd known that there would eventually be a reckoning. 1000 words

Ring of the Gods (WIP)

PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; post-"Chosen" and through Seasons 8 & 9
Buffy goes searching for a new Slayer and finds much, much more.
  1. Ring of the Gods
    "You can't tell me it's always puppies and sunshine out there; I have eyes, you know, and there's an awful lot of guys with guns guarding this thing." 700 words

  2. A New Challenge
    Buffy meets with the General and considers her options. 1000 words

  3. The Queen Stands Alone
    Buffy's not used to being the one who has to stay behind. 700 words

  4. Proverbial Wisdom
    Buffy's feeling a little lonely in the wake of Lorne and Lt. Cadman's departure, and befriends someone else who was left behind. 2000 words

  5. The Power of Two
    An unexpected arrival at the SGC changes the playing field for Buffy and SG-1. 9600 words

  6. Taking Up the Torch
    "And you?" Kendra asked him, carefully. "Will you return to England with your Slayer's chronicle?" 1200 words; AU backstory

  7. These Things We Know to Be True
    It was bad enough he went off world all the time where she couldn't follow. 2600 words

  8. Nowhere To Go But Up
    Kendra's smile was not entirely without shadows; but there was a level of satisfaction in it that told Buffy she'd definitely made the right call. 1500 words

Sidle Up and Smile (WIP)

PG-13; B:tVS/Firefly; post-"Chosen" and general Firefly and "Serenity"
It's been five hundred years, but the PTB are still finding things for Buffy and Faith to do.
  1. Knocked Down
    Despite everything that had happened, Dawn still believed it, just a little-- that Buffy wouldn't choose her. 1400 words

  2. Skin
    Saffron's past catches up to her. 1700 words

  3. Annual Report
    They'd Five hundred years later, and Faith's still breaking in new Watchers. 450 words

  4. Begetting Violence
    It hadn't taken Book long to discover the why for himself. 800 words

  5. Paying Respects
    Faith had a perfect right to grieve there, too. 800 words

  6. Five By Five, Sister
    Buffy looked up as Faith reached the table, a faintly amused expression in her kohl-outlined eyes. 1600 words

  7. Long-Delayed Reunion
    It just meant one more woman joinin' the crew that Jayne didn't dare touch 'less she showed up in his bunk of her own accord. 800 words

  8. What Separates Heroes
    Mal couldn't have said how long it took for the roaring in his ears to fade. 1600 words

  9. Breath and Shadow
    Mal was her son, all right: oddly perceptive at the most inconvenient times, and obstinately blind when he didn't care to see what was in front of him. 2300 words

  10. The Part Where It's a Trap
    Buffy could feel her all the way across the room, like she could feel Faith: a tickle in the back of her mind that could mean only one thing. 1200 words

Smoke and Flame (WIP)

PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; post-"Chosen" and AU post-"Origin" (9.3)
In which the Powers That Be and their allies prepare for what the SGC has unleashed.
  1. Where There's Smoke -- Buffy; 100 words
  2. Harbinger -- Illyria; 400 words
  3. Something Worse -- Faith; 750 words
  4. A New Host -- Ethan; 1200 words
  5. An Unexpected Guest -- Daniel; 1200 words

The Slayer Initiative, aka Cat-Herding for Fun and Profit (B:tVS/Avengers)

PG-13; B:tVS/The Avengers (MCU); post-series and post-movie
  1. Best Job Share Ever? -- Buffy & Tony & Clint
    This wasn't exactly what Buffy had been expecting when she'd offered her hot chick with superpowers self up to Nick Fury for joint world saveage. 1100 words

  2. Pulling Back The Curtain -- Buffy & Tony
    Tony's had his scruff up like a wary cat since her first day in the office 1500 words

  3. A Very Special Consultant --Buffy/Clint
    Clint's seen that look on surveillance footage; it's the look Summers gives assholes with wandering hands right before she dislocates their thumbs 1200 words

  4. Spelling It Out In Small Words -- Buffy & Tony
    "Really," Buffy says brightly, once she's sure she's got her expression under control. "After everything, this is what breaks your brain?" 1300 words

  5. Confounding Expectations -- Faith & Tony & Buffy
    Faith would never have believed it if anyone had told her that the other Slayer, raised to pay attention to things like wealth and station, would treat a billionaire superhero as if he were her little sister. 1500 words

  6. Keeping Her On Her Toes -- Clint/Buffy
    Sometimes Buffy forgets he's been a soldier and spy longer than she's been the Slayer 1100 words

  7. Intersection of Wildly Divergent Sets -- Buffy & Tony & Xander & Willow
    Buffy's eyes widen as the flow of one-sided chatter continues, and she throws an alarmed look at Xander. "You gave her caffeine?" she says, horrified. "Today?" 2300 words

  8. The Inevitable Shovel Talk -- Buffy & Natasha
    If Natasha had really wanted to dissuade her, they wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place. 1300 words

  9. Of Damage Control and Self-Repair Mechanisms -- Tony & Buffy, POST-IRON MAN 3
    Speaking as another party prone to quipping even in the face of certain death, the sudden lack of California-isms from his PA was a red flag for Tony. 3100 words

  10. Dragon Pepper and the Iron Assistant -- Buffy & Pepper & Natasha, POST-IRON MAN 3
    An un-pleased Pepper had been the kind of fun that wasn't even before she had Fists of Fiery Doom. 2000 words

  11. By the Work of His Hands -- Buffy & Tony, POST-IRON MAN 3
    Even if her suspicions were true, why wouldn't someone have noticed before? Like, as in years before? Tony Stark didn't exactly surround himself with stupid people. 4300 words

  12. And To You Your Wassail, Too -- Buffy & Avengers Team, POST-THOR 2
    Buffy probably should have realized, long before the name Mjølnir ever left her lips, that comparing the sentient hammer to JARVIS would lead inexorably to hammer-related mayhem. 3000 words

Starting Over (WIP)

PG-13; A:tS/SG-1; AU post-"Ground State" (4.02) and "Redemption, Part II" (6.02)
SG-1 goes looking for a new linguist in the unlikeliest of places: a private investigative agency in Los Angeles.
  1. Starting Over
    "Uh, hi," an unfamiliar male voice replied. "This is Colonel Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force. I'm looking for a Wesley Wyndham-Pryce?" 3500 words

  2. Song and Dance
    SG-1 meets with Wesley Wyndham-Pryce a second time, and the former Watcher makes the decision that will change the course of his future. 5000 words

  3. Small Steps
    Colonel O'Neill has second thoughts about his team's newest acquisition... while Wesley Wyndham-Pryce wraps up a few final tasks in Los Angeles. 3800 words

  4. Stepping Up
    "Well, people?" General Hammond said, glancing around the conference table at the current members of SG-1. "What's your verdict?". 2000 words.

  5. Sallying Forth
    It had been one thing to know that his new job involved extra-terrestrial beings and space travel; another entirely to stand behind Major Carter and her demon-infested father and stare down at the curve of the Earth from above. 1300 words.

  6. Setting Free
    "Well, isn't this lovely," Wes muttered, dangling resignedly from a pole in the middle of the village square. 2300 words.

Temporal Malfunctions

PG-13; B:tVS/Star Trek; post-"Chosen" and various TOS and XI canon
A chronicle of Buffy's brief adventure as James T. Kirk, and their misadventures afterward.
  1. Transporter Malfunction -- B:TVS/ST:TOS; Buffy -- 400 words
  2. Some Things Never Change -- B:tVS/ST:TOS; Buffy -- 200 words
  3. Inexact Science -- B:tVS/ST:TOS; Buffy -- 600 words
  4. Murphy's Law, Rosenberg Corollary -- B:tVS/ST:TOS; Buffy -- 300 words
  5. Singing To The Man -- B:tVS/ST:IV "The Voyage Home"; Jim -- 800 words
  6. Making a Diference -- B:tVS/ST:VII "Generations"; Buffy -- 1400 words
  7. A Possessive Species -- B:tVS/ST:XI; Jim -- 1400 words
  8. To Be, Or Not (To Be Where I Am) -- B:tVS/ST:XI; Illyria & Spock Prime -- 1000 words

Time to Speak

PG-13; B:tVS/CSI; pre- through post-series for B:tVS, pre-Season 9 for CSI
Buffy knew long before her dad divorced her mom that Hank Summers might be the guy who had raised her, but he wasn't her father by blood.
  1. The Road More Travelled -- Joyce-centric, 300 words.
  2. Time to Speak -- Buffy-centric, 500 words.
  3. Unexpected Evidence -- Grissom-centric, 1200 words.
  4. You Have A What? -- Sara-centric, 1000 words.
  5. Amazingly Convenient Timing -- various POVs, 3000 words.
  6. The Rest is Still Unwritten -- Buffy & Grissom, 1200 words.

Unexpected Connections

A:tS/Harry Potter; post-"Not Fade Away" and "Half Blood Prince" (AU)
Neville acquires a new guardian.
  1. Unexpected Connections - 750 words
  2. Upholding the Family Honor - 1200 words

Watching Buffy

PG-13; B:tVS/A:tS; Buffy/Wesley; runs B:tVS season 3 through A:tS season 5, then AU
A series of drabbles and flashfic written for the btvsats_love fic exchange.
  1. Well Wishes -- Wesley; 200 words
  2. Something New -- Buffy; 200 words
  3. Passing By -- Wesley; 200 words
  4. Difficult Questions -- Wesley; 200 words
  5. Comparing Notes -- Buffy; 400 words
  6. In Transition -- Wesley; 500 words
  7. In Remembrance -- Wesley; 500 words
  8. Anywhere But Here -- Buffy; 350 words
  9. Peace of Mind -- Giles; 200 words
  10. Wake Up Call -- Buffy; 300 words

Five & Ten Things Entries

Fifty Things that Never Happened to Buffy Summers -- B:tVS/A:tS/various, Buffy-centric, 5000 words
Ten Passengers Serenity Never Had -- B:tVS/A:tS/Firefly, various, 1000 words
Ten Racers that Never Competed for the Prize -- B:tVS/A:tS/Drive, various, 1000 words
Ten Slayers that Were Never Called & Five More ... & Another Five ... -- B:tVS/misc., various, 1000+500+500 words
Ten Visitors Arda Never Had -- B:tVS/A:tS/LotR, various, 1000 words

Micro Non-Xover Fic (100-1,000)

The Color of Mourning -- AU, Lilah, 700 words
Grief (or, Life on the Hellmouth) -- AU, Buffy, ~1000 words
Her Father's Daughter -- Dawn, 400 words
A Little Support, Here -- Buffy & Dawn, Buffy/Wes, 800 words
Loyalty -- Lindsay, 800 words
Restitution -- Willow, ~550 words
Reverberations -- Wesley, 900 words
Something New -- AU, Buffy/Wesley, 600 words
the sweetest little song -- Drusilla & Cordelia, 500 words
What He Deserved -- AU, Spike, 200 words

Micro Xover Fic (100-1,000)


Sideshow -- A:tS/Constantine, 400w
Winner and Still Champion -- B:tVS/Harry Potter, 750w
Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny -- A:tS/Clueless, 200w


Theft Report -- B:tVS/SG-1, 750w
There Are Two of Them -- B:tVS/SG-1, 500w


Childe of Dracula -- B:tVS/Dracula 2000, 200w
Checking For Light Leaks -- B:tVS/Eureka; Buffy-centric, 850w
Clean Up -- B:tVS/Slither, 800w
Crackpot Theories -- B:tVS/Heroes, 400w
The Death of a Slayer -- B:tVS/Where the Heart Is, 850w
El Gato de São Paolo -- B:tVS/The Rundown, 600w
Identity Theft -- B:tVS/SG-1, 200w
Incompatible -- B:tVS/Unbreakable, 400w
Jar of Dirt -- B:tVS/PotC:DMC, 200w
Jie Jie -- B:tVS/Firefly, 750w
Just As Fast As She Can, Now -- B:tVS/TF07, 200w
Just the Way He Likes It (AO3) -- B:tVS/COR, Riddick/Buffy, 600w
Man in the Foundation -- B:tVS/Bones, 400w
Mr. Pointy & Sometimes It's The Simple Things-- B:tVS/Firefly, Buffy/Jayne, 300+500w
Offensive Driving -- B:tVS/Dukes of Hazzard, 500w
Oh Hell, You're One of Those -- B:tVS/MIB, 1000w
Quick Ride to Crazytown -- B:tVS/TF07, 400w
Respecting the Enemy -- B:tVS/Lake Placid, 700w
Slow Thunder -- B:tVS/LotR, 700w
Sticking With What Works -- B:tVS/Dresden Files, 200w
Technological Connections -- B:tVS/SG-1, 200w
Temporal Anomaly -- B:tVS/The Lake House, 200w
Undercover Jaffa -- B:tVS/SG-1, 200w
There Is Still Hope -- B:tVS/LotR, 200w


Choosing For Herself -- B:tVS/TF07, 400w


Dubious Distinctions -- B:tVS/Leverage, 600w
Gently Down the Stream & Roadtrips Are The Worst-- B:tVS/SG-1, Dawn/Mini!Jack, 200+500w
Matching Stride For Stride -- B:tVS/DOOM, Dawn/Reaper, 600w
Model Girl -- B:tVS/Ice Princess, 500w
No Place Like Eureka -- B:tVS/Eureka, 800w
Objects in Space -- B:tVS/A:tS/Star Trek:TNG, 1000w
Paper Legacy -- B:tVS/Pride and Prejudice, 500w
Papered Over -- B:tVS/Pride and Prejudice, 200w
Sudden Little Sister -- B:tVS/Firefly, 200w
Trust Building Exercises & Mother's Day -- B:tVS/SG-1, Dawn & Cassie, 300+700w
Totally Her Turn -- B:tVS/Ice Princess, 600w


Brave New World -- A:tS/LotR, 800w


Gazing Into the Abyss -- A:tS/Simarillion, 500w


Linguistic Exchanges -- B:tVS/Star Trek: TNG, 400w
Requesting the Honor of Your Presence -- B:tVS/Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 1000w


Complicating the Process -- B:tVS/Dracula 2000, 800w
Inherited Business -- B:tVS/Batman Begins, 850w
Passing in the Night -- B:tVS/Boondock Saints, 200w
Scroll of the Ultimate -- B:tVS/Bulletproof Monk, 500w


Golden-Eyed Girl -- A:tS/SG-1, 200w


Delivery Confirmation -- A:tS/Harry Potter, 800w
The Heart that Fed -- B:tVS/PotC:AWE, 200w
More Than Just Memories -- A:tS/Star Trek XI, 700w
saith the lord -- A:tS/Drive, 500w
Surface Seeming -- A:tS/Dresden Files, 600w
That Which Kills Us -- Angel/Highlander, 600w
Walking This World -- A:tS/Leverage, 200w
things worse than walls -- Angel/Firefly, 1000w


Pain Halved -- B:tVS/SG-1, 440w
Seeking Justice -- B:tVS/Firefly, 200w


Rookie Mistake -- B:tVS/X-Men, 200w


Double Twisted Fast With Wire -- A:tS/Harry Potter, 900w
In Memoriam -- A:tS/Firefly, 200w
Pending Acquisition -- A:tS/SG-1, 200w
Something Ventured, Nothing Gained -- A:tS/SG-1, 200w


And The Law Won -- A:tS/Firefly, 200w
Equitable Exchange -- A:tS/Harry Potter, 850w
Fugitive Apprehension -- A:tS/Eureka/Leverage, 200w
Turn of the Wheel -- A:tS/Firefly, 200w


The New Tutor -- B:tVS/Harry Potter, 900w


Do You Know What Your Sin Is? -- B:tVS/Firefly, 200w
Headlights in the Dark -- B:tVS/The Fast and the Furious, 900w
More Things in Heaven and Earth -- A:tS/Star Trek: TOS, 800w


Competing Duties -- B:tVS/PotC:AWE, 200w
The Last Big Hurrah -- B:tVS-X-Men, 900w
Watcher-in-Law -- B:tVS/SG-1, 800w


The Day After the Apocalypse -- A:tS/TDAT, 1000w
Just Another Monday -- A:tS/Eureka, 900w
Lone Survivor -- A:tS/SG-1, 200w
Once More Into the Breach -- A:tS/Dr. Horrible, 450w
Trade Goods -- A:tS/Firefly, 200w


Lost and Found -- B:tVS/Harry Potter, 700w
Mistaken Identity -- B:tVS/SGA, 200w


Bittersweet Symphony -- B:tVS/CSI, Sara, 200w
Countermeasure -- G.I. Joe/B:tVS, Duke, 750w
Interference Patterns -- B:tVS/SG-1, Whistler & The Nox, 200w
Just Folk Now -- B:tVS/Firefly/SG-1, various, 200w
Minor Player -- B:tVS/SG-1, Walter, 200w
One Mother, in All the World -- B:tVS/T:tSCC, Sarah, 200w
Quis Custodiet -- PG-13; Grimm/B:tVS, Nick, 800w
Return to Lake Placid -- B:tVS/Lake Placid, Kelly, 650w
the mission is (what matters) -- B:tVS/SGA, Teyla, 200w
Unnatural Condescension -- SG-1/B:tVS, Sam, 900w


Link rot

Date: 2017-04-30 03:16 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Was doing a bit of re-reading, and The Grail Prophecies link is 404.


Date: 2017-05-03 11:48 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
... and similarly for An Unexpected Gift.


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