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PG/K+; B:tVS x Kong: Skull Island x Godzilla (2014), 1000 words. For faviconTwistedShorts

The Mayor caught the attention of Project Monarch. A decade later, Project Monarch caught the Slayer's.

This World Doesn't Belong To Us? No Kidding. )

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PG, Jurassic Park/Godzilla (1998). 500 words. Movie canon only.

Dr. Chapman meets an old friend for dinner after the events in New York.

Even Dragons Have Their Ending )

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Title: Ten Additional Things that Never Happened to Buffy Summers
Author: Jedi Buttercup
Rating: PG to PG-13.
Category: B:tVS/various. See disclaimer for crossovers (in order).
Summary: The "10 Things that Never Happened" drabble challenge, Take Three.

Disclaimer: All your Buffy are belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I also do not claim to own anyone/thing affiliated with the shows/movies Star Wars, Godzilla, Boondock Saints, The Island, Jumanji, The Silmarillion, Star Trek: TNG, The Rock, Due South, or PotC: Dead Man's Chest.

Never Had a Brother )

Never Faced a Dragon )

Never Been a Guardian Angel )

Never Been a Guinea Pig )

Never Visited the Jungle )

Never Slew a Balrog )

Never Been Put on Ice )

Never Been Spied Upon )

Never Met a Mountie )

Never Knew Her Own Bearing )

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PG-13; SG-1, Godzilla. Daniel recommends a scientist to the Stargate Project. 700 words.

(Oh, no. My muse isn't at all affected by what's most recently been in the viewing queue...)

An Additional Concern )

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