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PG-13, CSI/B:tVS. 1200 words; 6th in the Buffy is Grissom's daughter series.

Their second meeting started out a little on the distant side.

The Rest is Still Unwritten )

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PG-13, CSI/B:tVS; background Grissom/Sara. 3000 words, for [ profile] beatrice_otter; 5th in a series.

This was Vegas, surely Buffy's luck would be at least a little less hateful than usual. "I mean, what are the odds? There's other people that work for the crime lab, right?"

Amazingly Convenient Timing )

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PG, CSI/B:tVS; Grissom/Sara. 1000 words, for [ profile] beatrice_otter; 4th in a series.

He was definitely Grissom for the conversation at hand, not Gil, no matter how apologetically he was staring at her over the spread pages of a DNA analysis report.

You Have A What? )

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PG, B:tVS/CSI, 10x200 words. More of the No Barrel of Monkeys 'verse, for [ profile] jerseyfabulous.

Xander held on to his sister's contact information for about a year before he actually sent her an email: the story of a rediscovered relationship in ten drabbles.

what we make together (a family is) )

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PG-13, CSI/SG-1; 2400 words. For [ profile] idontlikegravy; set in the External Recruiting 'verse.

Greg stared at the earnest guy with the scholarly glasses and intimidating biceps, trying to make sense of what he'd just been told.

Hypothetically Speaking )

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PG, CSI/B:tVS; Grissom-centric. 1200 words, for [ profile] beatrice_otter; follows Time to Speak.

Whether or not he was ready for it, Gil had a responsibility to this girl, and he was never one to shirk a responsibility.

Unexpected Evidence )

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PG, CSI + Pern; Grissom-centric gen. 1200 words, for [ profile] kerravonsen.

It turned its head then to look at him, slitting open multiply-layered eyelids to fix him with jewel-bright, faceted eyes; Gil had never seen anything like it.

Pausing To Wonder )

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PG-13; B:tVS/CSI. 4200 words, 6th of the Grave Survivors series. For [ profile] jerseyfabulous.

"Ah, I get it," Nick said. "A soft-ball introduction to Scooby holidays, for the new guy."

A Perfect Dinner )

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PG-13, B:tVS/CSI; 1200 words. (For [ profile] cinnamon_kat, and August 3 in the fic-a-day challenge).

Xander was pretty sure he could handle whatever legacy his family of origin had gifted him with, even if it wasn't exactly what he'd dreamed of.

No Barrel of Monkeys )

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PG-13; B:tVS/CSI. 1900 words, 5th of the Grave Survivors series. For [ profile] jerseyfabulous.

Nick knew as well as any man that when a girl sat him down with an invitation to Talk it was rarely good news.

A Non-Issue )
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PG-13; CSI, Live Free or Die Hard. 1400 words, Catherine/John UST.

Catherine pitied the CSIs that had to pick up after one of his "bad" days.

Just Passing Through )

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So. It's been a very long time-- looks like about a year-- since I treated any of you to a response from the Five Things meme; hope you don't mind. Rebooting the muse is a tricky process!

For [ profile] anabels:
HP/CSI; 962 words; set roughly Book 7/Season 7. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water."

Five Things Hermione Granger and Sara Sidle Agree On )
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Okay, I do believe my "terrified of what readers will think" phase of posting BAH to the Pit has come and gone, gone, gone. Reviews this week have been deeply amusing, in a "D'Oh" kind of way.

Anyway. Another Five Things response, for [ profile] izhilzha:

Five Things Greg Sanders Never Said to Sara Sidle )
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PG; CSI, B:tVS. 200 words. (SPOILERS for last night's episode of CSI).

Sara can't change.

Bittersweet Symphony )

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PG; CSI, Stargate SG-1. 1000 words, for [ profile] izhilzha. Also follows Collateral Damage.

Greg Sanders makes a discovery that will decide the course of his future.

Bigger Worlds )

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PG-13; B:tVS, CSI. 1500 words. For [ profile] emony2; 4th in the Grave Survivors series.

Something about Nick kept Buffy writing and checking the caller ID every time her cell phone rang.

Closing the Distance )

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PG-13; B:tVS, CSI. 500 words. (For [ profile] beatrice_otter's timestamp request)

Buffy knew long before her dad divorced her mom that Hank Summers might be the guy who had raised her, but he wasn't her father by blood.

Time To Speak )

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[ profile] izhilzha issued the eighth drabble prompt of this round, for SG-1/CSI, "Jack & Catherine; a not-so-chance meeting".

(By the way-- Happy Birthday, m'dear!)

PG, SG-1/CSI. An old friend confronts Jack while he's out recruiting for the program. 900 words.

Collateral Damage )

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[ profile] emony2 issued the sixth drabble prompt of this round, for "CSI/B:tVS, Buffy/Greg, ham":

PG-13, CSI/B:tVS. Greg meets a beautiful blonde, and conspires to cover up a crime. 1600 words.

(Also kind of a sequel to The Evidence Never Lies).

Inconvenient Anomalies in the Data )
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Title: Ten Slayers That Were Never Called
Author: Jedi Buttercup
Rating: PG to PG-15
Summary: Snippets from ten lives that Willow's activation spell irrevocably changed. 10 x 100 words.
Disclaimer: The words are mine, the worlds are not.

Spoilers: B:tVS post-"Chosen" (7.22); SG-1 post "Full Circle" (6.22); general CSI; Star Trek IV (1986); general Harry Potter; Jurassic Park (1993); SGA post "McKay and Mrs. Miller" (3.08); Men In Black (1997); Evolution (2001); Twister (1996); Bones "The Woman in the Car" (1.11)

Notes: For TtH #2165 Ten Slayers That Were Never Called. Drabbles one and two have been posted before, but the other eight in the collection are new.

Inexplicably Chosen: SG-1 )

Considering the Evidence: CSI )

Temporally Challenged: Star Trek )

Uncareful What She Wished For: HP )

Just Another Exotic Predator: JP )

Know What You've Got: SGA )

Inconvenient Amnesia: MIB )

Moving Up a Notch: Evolution )

Tickled by the Winds of Change: Twister )

Itinerant Artist: Bones )

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