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PG/K+; B:tVS x Independence Day (Movies), 1600 words. For faviconTwistedShorts. 7th of Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer.

It all came down to one more sacrificial Hail Mary pass, once again on the brink of utter annihilation. The difference was? This time, Buffy was on scene to do something about it.

Time for the Fireworks )

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PG/K+; B:tVS x Independence Day (Movies), 1400 words. For faviconTwistedShorts. 6th of Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer.

"What? Are you sure?" Buffy objected as the weekly chat with her Watcher veered straight into unexpected apocalypse territory.

Entropy Doesn't Always Win )

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PG; gen; B:tVS/ID4; 2100 words. Challenge fic, from August 17. 5th of Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer.

"In case of apocalypse, break Slayer, I know," Buffy said. "Oops; I mean, summon Slayer."

What Do You Mean, Oops? )

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PG-13, B:tVS/ID4. 600 words. (Fourth in the "Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer" series).

Mrs. Madison had been able to land an altogether more costly blow.

An Untimely Frost )

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PG-13, B:tVS/ID4. 1300 words. (Follows "No Victory Dance" and "Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer".)

And Xander had thought aliens were a lot to get his mind around...

Hero on the Hellmouth )

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PG-13; B:tVS, Independence Day (ID4). Double drabble -- tag to "No Victory Dance".

In any universe, Joyce Summers doesn't react well to her daughter's unique occupation.

Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer )

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PG-13; B:tVS/ID4, 1000 words. ([ profile] twistedshorts challenge #11).

Another way the Slayer might have ended up in Sunnydale.

No Victory Dance )

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