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PG-13; B:tVS/Star Trek: AOS. 3000 words, for [ profile] tvashti; set post-Into Darkness.

Oz knows there's no mission like an away mission with half the senior staff in the line of fire.

Engineers Wear Red Shirts, Too )

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PG-13; B:tVS/Star Trek (2009); Buffy/Bones. 2500 words, for [ profile] kerrykhat; sequel to Out of the Silver Sea.

Buffy was far too old and jaded to cry; not even for the first man she'd, okay, loved, in more than a century would she let herself be that weak. But this was a day of surprises, it seemed.

Carried Safe to Shore )

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Two things. First, while watching Star Trek XI again this weekend, I tripped over this bit of dialogue when Nero's torturing Pike:

"I need the subspace frequencies of Starfleet's border protection grids. Specifically those surrounding Earth."

Either this is just an excuse to do what he's gonna do already, and the grids aren't actually a barrier for him, or ... this is a major plot hole. Because you can't tell me Vulcan, being the other founding Federation planet, didn't have a grid of its own. And he can't have got the codes from Spock Prime. So did some ship-capture of Vulcans happen that we never heard about, or what? Can't believe I never noticed before.

Also. ALSO also. [ profile] backagainharry is the story that just continues to give and give on the crazy fan front.

My most recent review, on the Pit of Voles: )

Because clearly, I write for TEH FAME AND GLORYZ. *facepalm* I have no idea what 'section' ze's even talking about - most of the people who share that link around do so quite outside my knowledge or prompting. I'd never dare myself, for this exact reason.

Finishing that mofo's going to be like handling an unexploded bomb every time I check my email. Which will be, ugh, probably starting October this year. [ profile] lesser_men_saga has been much harder to write, but infinitely saner on the fan front!
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PG, gen; A:tS/Star Trek (2009). 1000 words; self-indulgent tag for Temporal Malfunctions.

Illyria visits another experienced time traveler for a consultation.

To Be, Or Not (To Be Where I Am) )

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PG-13/gen, DF x ST 2009; 2000 words. Sequel to The Only Logical Conclusion. For Day 22 of 2013.

"But didn't they tell you?" I said in an ostentatious tone. "The first rule of time travel is that you don't talk about the time travel."

Per Aspera Ad Futurum

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PG, Star Trek XI, Jim & Crew; gen, 1500 words. (Remember all those gapfillers?)

The first few days after the Enterprise's return are a blur for most of her crew.

Running Before the Wind )

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PG-13; DF/Star Trek XI, 5200 words. For Day 3. (Finishing off The Only Logical Conclusion)

Forget the sufficiently advanced science and the fact that Kirk and his men had swum against the Currents of Time; the fact that their particular wizard might be one I'd actually heard of might just be the most unbelievable part of their tale.

Tying Up the Loose Ends

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] jilltanith)
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PG-13; ST:TOS/ST XI, 1600 words. For Day 24. (Last one, so I can put up the new post!)

"This is about our counterparts, isn't it? You've been as cranky as a bear with a foot caught in a trap since they beamed over for that first meeting. Why?"

What Makes The Men We Are )

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PG-13; Dresden Files/Star Trek XI, 2900 words. For Day 15. Follows The Only Logical Conclusion.

I couldn't help but think we'd all be better off if I caught up to our technological time travelers sooner rather than later.

Is There a Problem, Officer?

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PG-13; Star Trek XI/B:tVS, 1400 words. For Day 13. Bones/Buffy; angsty.

Buffy sighed as she reached for her clothes, withdrawing more from Leonard's reach with every word. Ebbing away, like a tide rushing back out to sea.

Out of the Silver Sea

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] kerrykhat)
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PG; Sorcerer's Apprentice/Star Trek XI, 1700 words. For Day 12.

Balthazar had known since the first time he'd touched an IDIC badge still warm from the hand of a Vulcan that humans weren't the only sentients capable of shaping their environment with raw will.

Where No Sorcerer Has Gone Before

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PG-13, Star Trek XI, 4000 words. For [ profile] emony2, in the same 'verse as As Sparks Fly Upward.

Jim frowned, tapping his fingers on the arm of the captain's chair. Romulans. Again. Why did it have to be Romulans?

Balance of Power )

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PG, Star Trek XI. 300 words - Spock POV, gen.

(From the old Journey to Drabble challenge: #45 -- Kirk, Spock, the persistence of memory)

Kindred )

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PG-13, Dresden Files/Star Trek XI. 2200 words; post-"Dead Beat" but pre-"Changes".

So perhaps I can be forgiven for walking into a scheduled meeting with Ramirez and assuming the worst when I spotted a man with greenish-pale skin bending over his sprawled body.

The Only Logical Conclusion

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic; written for [ profile] jilltanith)
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PG, Star Trek XI/Stargate SG-1. 2100 words; post-movie for the former, pre-Season 8 for SG-1.

The longer Kirk spoke to 'them other folk from over-mountain', the more interesting the away mission became.

One Such Possible Journey

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PG, Star Trek XI. 700 words; a movie gapfiller.

The thing is, Uhura has met boys like Jim Kirk before.

Thanks, But No Thanks

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PG, Angel/Star Trek XI. 700 words, post-canon for both.

She's the only member of the Enterprise that hasn't been to see him.

More Than Just Memories

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PG-13, Star Trek XI, Pike; gen, 1000 words. (Another gapfiller).

The human mind simply wasn't built to fully grasp such an immensity of loss, to retain that much grief and still function properly.

In Memoriam )

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Another entry from ye anciente Five Things meme. For [ profile] thady, who prompted it, and [ profile] kerravonsen, who asked for distractions.

SG-1/Various; 3000 words; late and post-series settings.
"Do you always greet new people with a kiss?" he couldn't help but ask.

Four Times Daniel Jackson Was Kissed Unexpectedly, And One Time He Made The First Move )
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Title: As Sparks Fly Upward
Author: [ profile] jedibuttercup
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk-centric teamfic
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 28,700
Warnings: Some violence; suggestion of past torture/rape of third parties.

Summary: A few months after the destruction of Vulcan, Captain Kirk accepts an unorthodox mission from Starfleet Intelligence that involves an incognito mission across the Neutral Zone to investigate rumors of kidnapped scientists.

Link to Fic: As Sparks Fly Upward (at Dreamwidth)
Link to Art: Art by ileliberte

Acknowledgements: To [ profile] ileliberte my fabulous artist; [ profile] maevebran and [ profile] avamclean, for beta work and hand-holding; [ profile] blcwriter, for influencing my Jim and Bones; [ profile] taraljc, for inspiring me to include Number One; and [ profile] azarsuerte, for issuing the request that led to this plot idea in the first place. Fic title from Job 5:7; chapter titles from Star Trek XI transcript; Romulan words from the Rihannsu to English dictionary.

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