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PG; gen; B:tVS/Star Trek TOS; 800 words. Challenge fic, from August 18. Also for a TTHFFA prompt.

Elsewhere in 'Fleet, a security officer surviving eight away missions was merely competent. But on this ship? Well, there was a reason the Captain knew Spike's name.

More Things in Heaven and Earth )

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PG-13; ST:TOS/ST XI, 1600 words. For Day 24. (Last one, so I can put up the new post!)

"This is about our counterparts, isn't it? You've been as cranky as a bear with a foot caught in a trap since they beamed over for that first meeting. Why?"

What Makes The Men We Are )

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PG, Firefly/Star Trek: TNG; 1300 words. More of First Impressions 'verse.

Kaylee had a hard time taking her eyes off the pale-skinned, golden-eyed man talking to the Shepherd.

Like Something Out of Science Fiction )

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PG-13; Star Trek: TNG/Pirates of the Caribbean. 3600 words, for [ profile] graycardinal.

Images of tattered black sails swarmed in from all around Lwaxana, crowding out any other whispers of thought.

A Wonderfully Improbable Chain of Events )

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PG-13; Firefly/ST:TNG, 2200 words. For [ profile] wnnb_darklord; Wash POV.

Even an eyeball estimate of their technology put this so-called United Federation of Planets light-years ahead of the Anglo-Sino Alliance.

First Impressions )

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I didn't finish the next chapter of "No Place Like Eureka" in time to post last night; ah, well, I'll do that today, and then it's back to Trek for me (hopefully). I think I ended up posting for the crossover daily challenge 24 out of 31 days overall. Not an official winner, but considering I did clear a record 50,000 words (counting the Eureka and Angel-verse stuff I also wrote) in August, I'll call it a success. *grin*

In other fandom notes, my reabsorption of TOS continues with 2.9: Metamorphosis. )
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*giggles at screen* WTF, Kirk? WTF?

TOS 2.7 and 2.8: Catspaw and I, Mudd )

*checks schedule* And-- looks like tonight will be the first ep of Defying Gravity I'll catch live. *goes hunting for comms*
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PG, Star Trek XI & TOS, Spock Prime; gen, 2000 words. (Another gapfiller).

It has been said-- by humans, whose eyesight is not as keen as that of Vulcans, so one must excuse the inherent imprecision-- that 'hindsight is twenty-twenty'.

What Must Never Be )

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PG-13; B:tVS, Star Trek XI; 1400 words. (Finishing off the "Temporal Malfunctions" crack!fic.)

"So, another temporal refugee with an axe to grind," Jim said cheerily, smirking at her.

A Possessive Species )

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PG-13, Star Trek XI (and TOS), Jim Kirk & Gary Mitchell; 2000 words.

He hadn't thought about what it would sound like to Gary, who had four more years' service under his belt and not a chance in hell of following the same meteoric track.

But Not Jim Kirk )

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Expletive-deleted allergies: my throat is swollen and sore and my eyes all itchy, and that's even after I've taken Claritin. The heavier stuff always knocks me for a loop, so I daren't take it at work; this is going to be a very long day.

Bright light at the end, though! [ profile] maevebran and I are going to be watching "Star Trek" again this evening. It'll be the tenth viewing for me, third or fourth for her. Mom teased me the other day that I'm going to have it memorized long before it comes out on DVD, and I told her, that's kind of the point; all those years of Shatner and Nimoy have engrained their voices on my muse, and if I want to be able to consistently "hear" Pine, Quinto, &etc. instead, I need to imprint them thoroughly, too. How's that for a logical excuse? ♥

In other Trek news, my "Could Kirk be an empath?" rewatch of old TOS continues to find solid support. He fought off the effects in "The Naked Time" better than even Spock did, I don't even know what to say about his interactions with himself in "The Enemy Within", and in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" his reaction to the androids was really interesting. He knew something was off about the first one before even Christine (who'd known the scientist it was portraying) did; and later, his response to "these are machines, not men" wasn't to treat them as machines, but to (successfully) appeal to their emotions, *lol*. Also, the whole "Spock got my message" sequence was bizarre in its complete lack of explanation and yet complete success. Reminded me of the whole, "Let me stun this Romulan and tell Spock I have his back, by which I expect him to understand that he is to interrogate the dude with a mindmeld, despite the fact that this Spock doesn't even know I know what mindmelding is" incident from XI. Awesome.
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Cut for rambling ST:TOS thinky thoughts... )

Also: damn, there's some excellent fanwork coming out of the Reboot. I'll have to assemble a recs list at some point with my favorites. I've stuck my toe in the pool myself (obvs.) and got some excellent reviews and feedback, but I'm positively shallow compared to some of these people, and it's just a bit... well. Seven years writing fic, more than half a million words, and I still feel like an intimidated newbie sometimes. *shakes self* That said: more Pike fic this weekend, I swear, and a Spock-POV conversation with Kirk immediately post-XI movie. I just-- I'm going to see it one last time before I post anything else, I think, to clear my head and regrasp my own interpretation of the characters.
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I'm watching a few old TOS episodes to refresh my memory today. For various reasons, I've started with "The Conscience of the King", and OMG. *laughs* I'd forgotten just how accurate Pine's portrayal of Kirk's behavior with women really is.

The science can still go hang, but every time I watch the movie I get even more impressed with all the love and detail they lavished on the remake in other ways. I love this 'verse, I really do.

... The adolescent Hogwarts escapees writing "Supuhura" and "Spirk" fanfiction, however? *wince* Overall, the quality of new Trek fanfiction on LJ has been extremely high and very enjoyable, but there are already a couple of comms I think I'm going to have to defriend before they harsh my squee.
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Karl Urban is going to be the new Dr. McCoy? Karl Urban?

*suffering severe mental disconnect*
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[ profile] lt_kitty issued the second drabble prompt of Round 3, for "ST:TNG, Picard/Q, old married couple":

PG-13; Star Trek: TNG. The day had been stressful enough already without ending it with a shouting match with Q. Slash; 1100 words.

The Indomitable Picard )

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PG-13; B:tVS, Star Trek VII. 1400 words. (Sixth in the "Temporal Malfunctions" thread.)

Buffy takes an unexpected detour on a magical journey and ends up on Viridian III.

Making a Difference )

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PG-13; B:tVS, Star Trek IV. 800 words. (Fifth in the "Temporal Malfunctions" thread.)

James T. Kirk spots a familiar face in the middle of his grand adventure to the year 1986.

Singing To The Man )

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[ profile] jilltanith issued the seventh drabble prompt of this round, for ST:TNG/The Mummy, "Data, Rick & Evie or Ardeth; no holodeck; reincarnation".

PG-13, ST:TNG/The Mummy. Data attempts to understand the human fascination with the past. 1500 words.

The Return of the Medjai )

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PG-13; B:tVS, Star Trek: TOS. 300 words. (4th of a short series).

Willow comes through: Buffy goes home again. Unfortunately. 300 words.

Murphy's Law, Rosenberg Corollary )

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PG-13; B:tVS, Star Trek: TOS. 600 words. (3rd of a short series).

Buffy had been walking around in a James T. Kirk suit for more than a week now.

Inexact Science )

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