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So I was recently nudged that I haven't posted much about the whole move thing outside of Twitter. Sorry about that. It's been a long, stressful couple of months.

So here's a sort of summary-outline of what happened.

Timeline of a Sudden Move: )

I'm really going to miss living in the same house as those kids. The older niblings have apparently taken to telling people I moved out of the country, and the littlest is at the six-months stage where he's really starting to be come interactive and grinning in delight at his favorite people. I haven't seen any of them since moving day, and it sucks. But them's the breaks; you win some, you lose some, and as soon as they settle I'll figure out a way to schedule regular visits.

And .... 42. So. *chinhands*
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\0/ All my furniture has now been transferred, and I'm unboxing the rest of my stuff a day at a time. Books and electronics are mostly done now (of course), but the kitchen and the closets are mostly put together too; I got the important stuff unpacked first. :)

Cable and internet won't be hooked up until Saturday (I'm posting this from elsewhere), but otherwise, all is going well with my new place, and the worst of the omg-I-have-to-move? RL stress has passed. (Maybe now I will have the energy and brainspace to get a moveon with finishing BAH ...)

Even the kitty has mostly adjusted... )

So no, I haven't vanished. :) Just busy. Hopefully more soon!
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And here we are: the very last day of the meme. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures - thank you to those of you who've commented over the last thirty days! I've had fun sharing them with you.

Went literal with two of these, and metaphorical on the last. :)

Day 30 - a photo of something big )
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Had some fun with this one. No humans or family pets involved, though oddly enough two of the pictures are in fact of living creatures. :)

Day 29 - a photo of something small )
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I've already done plenty of "someone" photos; and I don't want to choke up thumbing through them again today. So I'm going to go with a few "some things" that I haven't yet illustrated in this meme. :)

Day 28 - a photo of something/one special to you )
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Tells a story, or illustrates a story? I went with both interpretations here: the first two come with stories from my own life, and the third powerfully invokes a particular piece of literature to me.

Day 27 - a photo (or photos) that tells a story )
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I went with old as in "millions of years" with this one. The first's my favorite, but I was awestruck by the others, too. This world has so many amazing things in it.

Day 26 - a photo of something old )
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This is such a personal one; I can't even really articulate them, so I'm going to offer them mostly without comment. But I think you can probably guess what they mean to me.

Day 25 - a photo that represents an emotion )
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Alas, no scenery in this group; just about the only time I ever take photos indoors is when I'm taking them of people. Or other household residents of the feline persuasion. :)

Day 24 - a photo taken indoors )
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All 'scenery' shots again today ... more or less. :)

Day 23 - a photo looking up )
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Yes, I took the obvious opportunity to squeeze in another Grand Canyon picture, here. I could stare at that section of my photo album for hours. :)

Day 22 - a photo looking down )
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Not the usual wedding or graduation shots. Not that I don't have a ton of those; but (a) many of them have me in them - seriously don't even ask how many times I've been a bridesmaid; and (b) I wanted to make it a bit more challenging. So: one each for me, friend, and family ...

Day 21 - a photo of a special moment for yourself, your family or a friend )
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Less 'awww' factor and more 'ahhh' factor this time, I promise. :)

Day 20 - a photo taken within half a mile of your home )
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Since 'most days' would seem to indicate 'more often than not', you're getting an office shot, a cat pic, and yet another of my family photos this time. :)

Day 19 - a photo of something you see most days )
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Pity that state signs don't count for this, and that most of my fun street name sign pics are of me, not by me. I'd love to have used some of my New Orleans ones, or maybe the Tri-State Marker ...

Day 18 - a photo with a road/street sign in it )
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Believe it or not, I actually do have three pictures for this topic, too - none of which were taken specifically for this meme. Though in all cases, I DID take them to text or email to someone else. In the case of the shoe pics, this involved some fun contortions and a few takes since I couldn't see the screen when I clicked, but it really was me taking the picture of my own feet.

Day 17 - a photo of your feet )
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I have a couple of pre-digital pics taken on the Oregon Coast at dusk that I wish I'd had time to track down for this one; but I don't think the ones I did find will be a disappointment to scenery lovers. :)

Day 16 - a photo taken at dusk or dawn )
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This was a little harder; most photos I have of me with drinks in hand have, well, me in them, so they were ineligible. Sorry, [ profile] maevebran; you get to star in one of these instead. :)

Day 15 - a photo of something you drink )
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Not to get all photo-nerdy, here; but I have a philosophical objection to today's theme. I'm one of those people who clicks like crazy and feels blessed to have one really excellent pic of any given scene; but that doesn't mean I'm not proud of the rest. They're just... not quite perfect? But there's nothing to be ashamed of about them, in particular. So just dug up one particularly interesting "not perfect" shot, and decided to call that enough for the day.

Day 13 - a photo that you're not proud of )

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