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So I was recently nudged that I haven't posted much about the whole move thing outside of Twitter. Sorry about that. It's been a long, stressful couple of months.

So here's a sort of summary-outline of what happened.

Timeline of a Sudden Move: )

I'm really going to miss living in the same house as those kids. The older niblings have apparently taken to telling people I moved out of the country, and the littlest is at the six-months stage where he's really starting to be come interactive and grinning in delight at his favorite people. I haven't seen any of them since moving day, and it sucks. But them's the breaks; you win some, you lose some, and as soon as they settle I'll figure out a way to schedule regular visits.

And .... 42. So. *chinhands*
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\0/ All my furniture has now been transferred, and I'm unboxing the rest of my stuff a day at a time. Books and electronics are mostly done now (of course), but the kitchen and the closets are mostly put together too; I got the important stuff unpacked first. :)

Cable and internet won't be hooked up until Saturday (I'm posting this from elsewhere), but otherwise, all is going well with my new place, and the worst of the omg-I-have-to-move? RL stress has passed. (Maybe now I will have the energy and brainspace to get a moveon with finishing BAH ...)

Even the kitty has mostly adjusted... )

So no, I haven't vanished. :) Just busy. Hopefully more soon!
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For my own edification and tracking, these are my 2017 writing commitments, in addition to my remaining prompt fic and my ongoing battle with [community profile] backagainharry (I'm currently rereading DH).

It's been rough this year, as I have also been in the middle of moving in addition to my usual RL commitments, which means I usually only manage to write when I can scrape up some extra energy from somewhere. But I've found that deadlines help; they certainly did last year. So.

Fic Schedule 2017, to be updated regularly: )
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Not dead. Moving! No internet at the new place until Wednesday, but: cat settled, half my library unpacked, all my clothes in the closet, so. =)

More later!

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