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\0/ All my furniture has now been transferred, and I'm unboxing the rest of my stuff a day at a time. Books and electronics are mostly done now (of course), but the kitchen and the closets are mostly put together too; I got the important stuff unpacked first. :)

Cable and internet won't be hooked up until Saturday (I'm posting this from elsewhere), but otherwise, all is going well with my new place, and the worst of the omg-I-have-to-move? RL stress has passed. (Maybe now I will have the energy and brainspace to get a moveon with finishing BAH ...)

Even the kitty has mostly adjusted... )

So no, I haven't vanished. :) Just busy. Hopefully more soon!
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Okay, random anecdote. My cat has never been interested in my kitchen sink before. Like, never. She'll hang out on top of the refrigerator whenever she's of a mind to, or perch on the corner table to look out the windows, but that's the extent of her involvement in that room. Until this last week.

Apparently, what goes through my cat's mind after I wrestle her into the sink to bathe her (because I'm sure not taking her flea-infested self into the shower with me, like I normally would to keep her calm while cleaning her) isn't "Oh, that's where I spent those thirty minutes yowling and trying to claw my owner's arm off!"; instead, it's "Dude, this thing makes WATER. Why didn't I know that? And why isn't it making water NAO?"

She's been begging drinks from the bathroom sink ever since I got her, four years ago. Now she has two potential water fountains to make annoyed noises at me from! *eyeroll*
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My cat does not know what to make of my birthday balloons. She keeps circling them, sniffing the ribbons, staring up at all the different colors, shying away when they rub against each other. It's kind of entertaining to watch. Not as much as giving her a half-dozen bouncy balls to chase around the house, but still fun. *grin*

So far this year, for my birthday I have been given: various birthday wishes (thank you everyone); one eighteen-ounce (510g) soy candle, scented "Fresh Cut Grass"; two Macy's gift cards; one year's subscription renewal to AAA Plus; a bunch of helium balloons; a cute stuffed monkey; and a Pilates exercise set. All pretty darned practical (though awesome), aside from the monkey and the balloons. I'm counting on my brother for the "entertainment" gift quotient this year, but I don't think he's mailed it yet!

And of course there's also my gift to myself: 25lbs. lost and counting. *sighs happily*

Oh: and Happy Birthday to [ profile] ignavus, too! You know you'll always be a year older than I am! =)

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