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PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS. 2500 words; 5th in the Buffy Carter ficlet series.

The SGC had Sam's phone number, if worse came to worst, and in the meanwhile, she was supposed to meet her daughter for dinner and a stroll through the nightlife of Denver.

Hold On To Me As We Go )

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Gen; Stargate SG-1; post-series. 1400 words, for Off-World Alphabet Soup.

"All right, you've got me," Sam said. "What do you know about the Loop of Kon Garat?"

V is for Velocity )

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Gen; Stargate SG-1; Season 2 tag. 1000 words, for Time Travel Alphabet Soup.

At the moment, it was Schrödinger's question; Sam didn't have to face the answer if she didn't know it.

e is for excellent (said the time traveler to her fellow) )

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Gen; Stargate SG-1 S5 AU; 4100 words. A very belated [ profile] help_japan fic, for [ profile] beckyh2112.

"Complications arose during the summit," Jacob finally said.

"Yeah, I gathered that, given your reticence on the radio and the extreme lack of Daniel accompanying you," Jack replied.

the only way to win is to deny the battle )

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PG-13; Stargate SG-1/Angel; 2000 words. For [ profile] kerravonsen; 4th in the Starting Over series.

"Well, people?" General Hammond said, glancing around the conference table at the current members of SG-1. "What's your verdict?"

Stepping Up )

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PG-13, B:tVS/SG-1; 2500 words. For [ profile] theraces; a tag for More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine.

Colonel Mitchell's description surprises a giggle out of Tara, and she instinctively covers her mouth as if to remind herself how it feels to smile.

Where My Love Lies, Waiting )

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PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; 3000 words. A snippet in the Grail Prophecies 'verse, for [ profile] avamclean.

"Let she who's actually been the subject of a prophecy cast the first stone," Buffy said.

Herald of Doom )

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PG, Sam/Teal'c; Stargate SG-1; "Unending" fic. 900 words, for [ profile] maevebran.

She is bent over the finely crafted shape of a cello, arms poised in elegant if hesitant motion, the pale arch of her neck distracting in its vulnerability.

The Food of Love )

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PG, Sam/Jack; Stargate SG-1/Jane Austen. 500 words, for [ profile] aella_irene.

There's a moment when Sam swears she can feel the wind in her hair, taste the salt on her tongue.

Domestic Virtues )

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Gen; Stargate SG-1/Sorcerer's Apprentice, 3700 words. For SG-1 gen alphabet soup!

SG-1 didn't know what had caused the strange energy burst emanating from New York, but they were determined to find out.

S is for Sufficiently Advanced Technology )

(also at AO3)
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PG, Eureka/Stargate SG-1. 1300 words; Season 2-ish and mid-series respectively.

Jack Carter had never been all that close with his cousin Sam.

Seizing the Opportunity

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic; written for [ profile] kerrykhat)
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PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS; 900 words. (Another belated challenge-entry repost).

It was enough to make Sam wonder if there was anyone left in the universe worthy of awe.

Unnatural Condescension )

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PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS. 2300 words, for [ profile] kerravonsen; 4th in the Buffy Carter series.

In a universe where a woman who knew nothing of modern technology could create organically based cold fusion, Sam was willing to concede that anything was possible. It just hadn't occurred to her to extend that concept to her own planet... and daughter.

Challenging Assumptions )

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PG; Stargate Atlantis. 1200 words. (Belated repost from the [ profile] ninebillion ficathon.)

Nothing in the faith of Lorne's childhood had equipped him to deal with such challenges.

Evidence of Things Unseen )
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PG; Dresden Files (TV), SG-1. 1800 words, for [ profile] butterflykiki.

So it was kind of a surprise that this gorgeous blonde had suddenly shown up to tell me Daniel had sent her.

Special Delivery )

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PG; CSI, Stargate SG-1. 1000 words, for [ profile] izhilzha. Also follows Collateral Damage.

Greg Sanders makes a discovery that will decide the course of his future.

Bigger Worlds )

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PG-13, SG-1/SGA. 1800 words. For the [ profile] sg1sga_ficathon.

Rodney introduces Sam to the Ancient version of a holodeck.

Solid to the Touch )
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PG-13; B:tVS, SG-1. 1500 words. For [ profile] kerravonsen; follows Can I Keep You? and Fresh Start.

She wouldn't give Beth up for anything, not now that the young woman had finally come back to her, but there was no way she could have her and SG-1 both.

Crossing Bridges )

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PG; Stargate SG-1. This is SG-1. 1100 words.

Together, Not Alone )

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PG; SG-1/Atlantis. 1000 words. (Also for [ profile] voleuse, for the Friendship Ficathon).

Colonel Carter and Dr. Weir converse over blue jello.

Interregna )

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