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PG-15; Angel x The Walking Dead, 1200 words. Post-"Not Fade Away". Dark.

Illyria stood atop the former Wolfram and Hart building in downtown Washington DC and listened to the unmusical groans of the city's remaining inhabitants thronging the streets below her.

The Way Is Shut (For The Dead Keep It)

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] avamclean)
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PG-13; Angel/Dresden Files novels. 1100 words, set post-NFA and before "Changes". For [ profile] avamclean.

Sometimes, it's rolling up for a meeting with a woman who called me to 'find her guide', and finding myself face to face with the likes of an elder god's elder god instead.

said the spider to the fly  )

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PG, gen; A:tS/Star Trek (2009). 1000 words; self-indulgent tag for Temporal Malfunctions.

Illyria visits another experienced time traveler for a consultation.

To Be, Or Not (To Be Where I Am) )

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PG-ish, Angel/Thor (MCU); 2000 words. Post-Avengers, pre-Thor: The Dark World. For Day 14 of 2013.

She's always had a hard time saying no to her boys, even if they change across dimensions.

shut down the city lights

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] teaandhoney)
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Title: Canceling the Apocalypse
Author: [ profile] jedibuttercup
Fandom(s): B:tVS x Pacific Rim (2013)
Rating: T; gen with varied background pairings
Warnings/Notes: Canon-typical violence; language; a fusion/sort-of-fixit fic set post-"Chosen", with no intentional comics canon, and covering the whole Pacific Rim timeline. Written in parts for the 2013 Twistedshorts daily crossover challenge as the "Slayer Jaeger" sequence.

Summary: The PPDC had figured out that the kaiju had been here before; what they didn't know was that they were actually Old Ones, the footsoldiers of ancient demon gods. That made them Slayer territory. But even a Slayer can't fight a hurricane alone. 20,200 words.

Cancelling the Apocalypse )

(Story Post at AO3)
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PG; Angel/Harry Potter. 1500 words, for [ profile] beatrice_otter; 5th in Polaris Wyndham-Price series.

Wesley took a sharp breath. "Best we retrieve her and leave as soon as possible; otherwise, she might begin to develop ideas."

Come Full Circle and Start Anew )

(x-posted at AO3)
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PG-13; Angel/Sorcerer's Apprentice, 1700 words. For Day 9. Post-NFA/pre-movie AU.

Wesley focused not on fire but plasma for his second strike, the very first offensive magic he had ever been taught to use.

The Old-Fashioned Way

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] milady78)
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PG-13, Drogyn-fic; Angel/Silmarillion. 500 words, for [ profile] treppie.

Even the thousand years granted the Battlebrand would seem less than a blink to the beings interred deep in the inner Well.

Gazing Into the Abyss )

(x-posted at [ profile] ats_btvs_fanfic and AO3)
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PG; Leverage/A:tS. Challenge drabble, Eliot Spencer and Illyria, 200 words.

She was like Parker. Only deadlier. And even more broken.

Walking This World )

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PG; Angel/Stargate SG-1. Challenge drabble, 200 words; a second tag for Moonfall.

In the old days, Illyria would have torn the fabric of space herself, but she had not yet recovered enough to worldwalk without damaging the shell.

Resource Reclamation )

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PG; Stargate SG-1/Angel. Challenge drabble, 200 words; tag for Moonfall.

When the news came from the Alpha site about 'Dr. Fred Burkle' reappearing, Daniel Jackson was in his office, reworking his nth application to join the Atlantis Expedition.

Obstacle and Opportunity )

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PG-13; Angel/Firefly, 1000 words. For Day 12; a bit dark.

That even her control over her own mind should be taken from her-- she would not endure it.

things worse than walls

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic; written for [ profile] theotherwillow)
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PG, Angel/Star Trek XI. 700 words, post-canon for both.

She's the only member of the Enterprise that hasn't been to see him.

More Than Just Memories

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic; written for [ profile] azraelz_angel)
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PG-13; A:tS/LotR; 1000 words. Part of the Edge of a Knife 'verse.

It was many minutes before Wesley remembered that there was something unusual about the very fact of his waking.

In An Antique Land )

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PG; Eureka/A:tS; 1200 words. CURRENT SEASON SPOILERS.

Dr. Burkle tilted her head, birdlike, and the hairs inexplicably stood up on the backs of Jo's arms.

Crossing The Timestreams )

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PG, AtS/Dresden Files; 600 words. (Random snippet).

"I know who you are," the little girl said, staring at Illyria with an intent, wary expression.

Surface Seeming )

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PG-13, AtS/Hancock; 1200 words. (For August 30; same 'verse as Secondary Insurance Policy).

Mary had a bag of groceries in her arms, dinner to cook, and her son inside doing his homework; she really wasn't in the mood for a confrontation.

In Pursuit of Happiness )

(x-posted to [ profile] twistedshorts)
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PG-13, Angel/Highlander; 600 words. (For August 6 in the fic-a-day challenge).

He was unique, a being worth preserving; but like any fierce, broken creature, he was also a being that would not be preserved.

That Which Kills Us )

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PG; Angel/PotC. 200 words. (Finally wrote something else. *chips at writer's block*)

Illyria meets with a kindred spirit.

The Heart That Fed )

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PG-13; A:tS. 1500 words, post-NFA.

Five gifts, five anniversaries, and one reclamation, Illyria-style.

Moving On )

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