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PG-13, gen; Stargate SG-1/B:tVS. 1200 words, for [ profile] avamclean; 2nd of a series.

"Rough day?" Daniel said sympathetically, taking a seat in the visitor's chair across from Buffy.

Dr. Buffy Is In (Extra Augh at No Charge) )

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PG-13, B:tVS/SG-1; 2700 words. Third part of More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine. For Day 12 of 2013.

She's home. Seven years and who knows how many light years away-- and she's finally home.

This Is Where Your Book Begins

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] kerravonsen)
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PG; gen; B:tVS/SG-1; 1500 words. Challenge fic, from August 29. Part of the Ring of the Gods 'verse.

Kendra's smile was not entirely without shadows; but there was a level of satisfaction in it that told Buffy she'd definitely made the right call.

Nowhere To Go But Up )

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PG; gen; B:tVS/SG-1; 500 words. Challenge fic, from August 14. Also for a TTHFFA prompt. Silliness!

"It's amazing how many men refuse to take correction from a beautiful woman," the other woman clucked her tongue.

There Are Two of Them )

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Gen; Stargate SG-1 S5 AU; 4100 words. A very belated [ profile] help_japan fic, for [ profile] beckyh2112.

"Complications arose during the summit," Jacob finally said.

"Yeah, I gathered that, given your reticence on the radio and the extreme lack of Daniel accompanying you," Jack replied.

the only way to win is to deny the battle )

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PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; 1800 words. The promised epilogue-ish bit in the Grail Prophecies 'verse.

"So, Daniel Jackson. You've just successfully done an end-run around the most famous wizard in history, fooled the most powerful woman in two galaxies into giving you the tools to defeat her, and helped wipe two meddling ancient races off the map. What do you plan to do next?"

By Virtue Rewarded )

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PG; Dresden Files (tv)/Stargate SG-1, 3600 words. For Day 19. Sequel to Special Delivery.

My old friend Daniel Jackson hadn't been involved in the supernatural world when I'd known him, and by High Council law, those of us who are aren't allowed to talk about it.

Couched in Mumbo Jumbo

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic and AO3; written for [ profile] xiorlanth)
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PG-13, B:tVS/SG-1; 2500 words. For [ profile] theraces; a tag for More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine.

Colonel Mitchell's description surprises a giggle out of Tara, and she instinctively covers her mouth as if to remind herself how it feels to smile.

Where My Love Lies, Waiting )

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PG; Percy Jackson/SG-1/SGA fic, for [ profile] starshinedown. 1700 words. Follows To Storm or Fire.

We wouldn't be the first demigods in space, but we would be the first half-bloods to ever visit a whole other galaxy.

We Take The Star Trek Express )

(x-posted at AO3)
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PG-13; B:tVS/SG-1; 6000 words. The promised next bit in the Grail Prophecies 'verse.

The strangest things often went through Daniel's mind when he hovered on the brink of death.

Choice of Sacrifice )

(x-posted at AO3)
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PG-13, CSI/SG-1; 2400 words. For [ profile] idontlikegravy; set in the External Recruiting 'verse.

Greg stared at the earnest guy with the scholarly glasses and intimidating biceps, trying to make sense of what he'd just been told.

Hypothetically Speaking )

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PG-13, gen; Stargate SG-1/B:tVS. 2600 words, for [ profile] r_becca.

She already had two strikes against her in an environment like the SGC, just being blonde and audibly Californian, but with a name like that she really must be good at what she did for Jack and Landry to have hired her.

Better Luck Next Time, Dr. Jackson )

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PG; Angel/Stargate SG-1. Challenge drabble, 200 words; a second tag for Moonfall.

In the old days, Illyria would have torn the fabric of space herself, but she had not yet recovered enough to worldwalk without damaging the shell.

Resource Reclamation )

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PG; Stargate SG-1/Angel. Challenge drabble, 200 words; tag for Moonfall.

When the news came from the Alpha site about 'Dr. Fred Burkle' reappearing, Daniel Jackson was in his office, reworking his nth application to join the Atlantis Expedition.

Obstacle and Opportunity )

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Gen; Stargate SG-1/Sorcerer's Apprentice, 3700 words. For SG-1 gen alphabet soup!

SG-1 didn't know what had caused the strange energy burst emanating from New York, but they were determined to find out.

S is for Sufficiently Advanced Technology )

(also at AO3)
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PG; SG-1, 1400 words. Post-series, mildly pre-Paul/Daniel.

A lot has changed in the last few years.

Opening the Door )
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PG-13; B:tVS/Stargate SG-1, 2800 words. For Day 17; vaguely post-series for both. Pure crack.

Some things just had to be experienced to be believed.

The Definition of Damsel

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic; written for [ profile] avamclean)
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PG-13; Sorcerer's Apprentice crossed with B:tVS, SG-1, Leverage & Firefly - 4 x 300 words.

Three times coincidence brought Balthazar to help someone in need, and one time it brought him what he needed instead.

There is No Such Thing as Chance

(Linked @ [ profile] wishlist_fic; written for [ profile] morgynleri_fic)
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PG-13; Salt/SG-1 crossover. Post-movie, double drabble. (I know, I know.... *facepalm*)

Triumph )

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PG-13; SG-1/B:tVS/LotR. 2200 words, for [ profile] kerrykhat; inspired by "Slow Thunder".

Daniel dreamed of the blonde woman with the steel-bright eyes: standing with him atop a battlement, gazing out over trampled fields toward the ominous fume of war.

Walk No More in Shadow )

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