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Aug. 7th, 2016 01:52 pm
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So, those of you who are used to expecting a flood of [ profile] twistedshorts Buffy crossovers out of me in August may have noticed I've been suspiciously absent.

Two reasons for that: I was sick with a bad summer cold I caught from my niece at the beginning of the month; and I'm currently glued to the Rio Olympics. I don't think I'm going to try to get involved, at this point, beyond working on some of my [ profile] wishlist_fic entries still unfinished from last December. Kind of a relief, actually. I've been doing it for how many years now? And that's a lot of pressure to add to the rest of my schedule.

I'm almost to the end of my [ profile] het_bigbang Little Bang; it's another Ichabod/Abbie, this one an AU of "Novus Ordo Seclorum/Incident At Stone Manor" aka Abbie Lost in Ziggurat Land, from the middle of Sleepy Hollow Season 3. After I did the AU of the S3 finale for [ profile] not_primetime, I got a lot of ideas about other times Ichabod might have stepped up rather than looking on in dismay, and, well. I'm 16,000+ words into this one.

I signed up for all three of the big bangs I've worked on this year pretty early; I'm surprised and pleased to have succeeded at all three. Together, they'll add up to more than 133,000 words, enough that I've already surpassed my word count from last year, and finally crossed the two million word mark at AO3! But [ profile] backagainharry and [ profile] wishlist_fic will definitely be my focus for the rest of the year.

In other news, I went ziplining this year with my mom on what would have been my dad's 65th birthday. We had a blast. Pictures later maybe? On my way over to her house now to do some digging so she can move some trees out of pots in her yard ....
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So today was the 60% rough draft deadline for the [ profile] extreme_bigbang, right?

60376 / 100000 words. 60% done!

When I said 'screw it' and made a tracking spreadsheet for this mofo on March 16, I was sitting at a grand total of 13,734 words after having had months to work on it. I JUST WROTE 46,642 WORDS IN 27 DAYS.

... Yeah. *hits submit and staggers off to bed.*
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It just tends to be the first thing to go when Main Job + Part Time Work + Family + { WRITING PROJECT } stack up beyond what the regular hours in the day will hold. I really should have started earlier on my [ profile] extreme_bigbang ... *yawn*

37052 / 100000 words. 37% done!

It has to be to 60% by April 11. I think I can? *cracking knuckles* So far, for this story, I have:

1. Rewatched fifty hours plus of Falling Skies canon;
2. Quoted Pride and Prejudice, General Patton, Watership Down, and Albert Einstein;
3. Took a swipe at conjugating Latin, then backed away slowly (ugh, the tenses);
4. Reread the Mayan creation myths again;
5. Google-Mapped a bunch of backroad routes all over South Carolina;
6. Researched school colors for a particular town along those routes;
7. Asked my mom what her farmer-grandparents in the South would've had in their pantry;
8. Saved the life of one person so far that Spielberg killed off (many more to come!);
9. Gleefully used the term "BFG" in a weapon-related context; and
10. Included more sex and cursing than in all my stories last year together (which, granted, isn't saying much).

*wipes brow* When it's finished, if I get it finished, it'll be the longest single fic I've ever written in one go (though LM is longer as a series, and BAH will probably surpass it, when complete). Heck, the only story I've previously published all at once that was longer than what I've written for this just so far was its prequel; the next one down was that 30,000 word Eureka time loop big bang, I think. I'm sort of torn whether to be proud of that, since once again I'm burying myself in a rarepair story in a rare fandom that's not likely to attract much attention, and has already garnered me several RL comments of "but why put that much effort into it? why not a real novel?"

.... *sigh* Because! *shaking head with a smile*
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... Because I was busy with the third draft of my [ profile] smallfandombang:

16600 / 10000 words. 166% done!

I think it posts in April? This is the 7th (long-promised) story in my Olympus Has Fallen Ben/Mike series, that's been on the back burner for ages, largely unmentioned because I wasn't sure it ever would be done. I may or may not add an epilogue after I have a chance to see London Has Fallen; we'll see. Meanwhile, it's with the artist now, and finally off my list of "Stories to Finish in the Year of Finishing Stories."

... Anyone want to beta? I don't need much in the way of SPAG, but general commentary would be welcome.
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3,400 words this chapter. Just Xander's second part and the epilogue left to go ... whew!

Chapter Thirty-One: What Beside Remains

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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So, [ profile] lesser_men_saga. Now that I'm almost done, I feel the sudden urge to tell y'all why I really picked NLB in particular of the half-dozen WIPs on my list to finish first, other than my own sheer bloody-minded desire not to be a quitter and the fact that it was the oldest. Which make for great excuses, but are only maybe half of the truth.

The rest of the answer? To prove something to myself. )

... This message brought to you by belated self-analysis and the desire to thank readers of non-Buffyverse fandoms for their continued patience while I finish my ancient, first-fanfic-epic vanity project. :)
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3,000 words this chapter. *pushing up sleeves* I'm not sure how the next month's going to go - whether I'll participate much in [ profile] twistedshorts - but with any luck the last parts of this will be out by the time I go on vacation September 10!

Chapter Thirty: Business as Usual

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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Almost there; three chapters and an epilogue left! I've been having a rough time lately, and the lack of response to the last chapter was demotivating as well, but: I WILL FINISH THIS THING IF IT KILLS ME. 2,800 words this chapter!

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Picking Up the Pieces

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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More fallout from previous chapters commences -- this time, somewhat literally. (I thought I would never get this one out; Willow's not my strongest POV, and the chapters keep getting longer as we near the end. Thank you for your patience!) 3400 words.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: What Can't We Do

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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Knocking down more of the dominoes I so laboriously set up (and crossing my fingers I haven't missed any. I love limited POVs; also, actually following through on my various Chekhov's Guns.) We're in the home stretch now! 3400 words.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Moment of Truth

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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I swear, I cringe every time I see that line in a fanfic summary. NEXT!

But ... I'm having that problem myself, at the moment. The closer I get to the end of Never Look Back, the more I realize how utterly uninformative the story summary, and indeed the Lesser Men Saga series summary, is:

"Then Shall The Chosen Make Their Choices": who ever said 'no rest for the wicked' had it all backwards.

I just have no real idea how else to describe that long-in-the-finishing byzantine canon-divergent tropemonster. Those few of you who still follow it - how would you describe the story? I swear I'll credit you for the description; I just want to have something more interesting there to lure in the never-read-WIPs folks when I finally wrap the thing! *pleading eyes*
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I've been laying breadcrumbs for this chapter for awhile! More of the threads are knitting back together, as we transition into the last quarter of the fic. :) Also, ♥ Anya! 3000 words this part.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Breaking the Chains

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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I've been fighting with this chapter for months, trying to keep all the threads of the story straight; but I'm finally just calling it. If I have to make corrections later, so be it! Part of the concluding scene was inspired by a recent popular movie. Also, the oath in this chapter is borrowed from S.M. Stirling's Change series, because it struck me just right for the purpose. 2800 words this bit.

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Die is Cast

(Chapter also posted at the AO3.)
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Fight scenes are still not my forte, who knew? And that Falling Skies fic posed a distraction this last month, I admit. But I'm still determined to finish this so I can resume my other WIPs. *pushing up sleeves* 3000 words this bit.

Chapter Twenty-Four: ᚾ Marks the Spot

(Saga index on LJ or at the AO3.)


Jun. 27th, 2014 03:43 am
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So I finally found a place to stop channeling the Falling Skies story. 43,500 words in two weeks.

This kind of thing does not happen to me. I guess there were just... some things that my subconscious really, really felt needed to be said?

Gonna paste the five chaptery bits into a single doc with header graphic and fill in the author's notes in the morning; I'm only gonna get, ugh, maybe three hours sleep before work. Since this weekend I am not gonna be around. (CRATER LAKE, YEAH). Which means. Posting sometime next week, probably?

BUT LO, IT IS DONE. Strange mishmash of getting-together-fade-to-black slash and journey fic and spy adventure and h/c and grieving and family fluff and SERIES EFFING FIXIT that it is. *collapses*
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I'm a very novice PHP programmer. Let me just say that up front. But I picked up a new trick today in pursuit of a work project, and informed my boss that whatever else happened, it made my day 'sparkles and badass' to be able to tell our coworker 'yes, and here's the test!' instead of 'uh, I have no idea...', and all it took was a half hour of internet research and a little trial and error. :)

In other news: I am 18,600 words into a mid-season 3 Falling Skies canon divergence story that seems headed in a distinctly Tom Mason/John Pope direction. Plus, you know, a garnish of Mason Family Love including Dan Weaver and Maggie. I am not quite to the Tom/Anne fallout part yet-- not going to fridge her, I swear, despite being peeved with her role that season-- as the story seems liable to go another 10K or so words minimum before all my metacommentary on Season 3 is sufficiently vented. Don't ask me where it came from; except maybe that I rewatched all 30 episodes last week in prep for the new season, and got clubbed across the face with "BUT IF THEY HAD ONLY...."

Back to "Never Look Back" next week, I swear. I know just what Buffy's up to in that chapter. But Tom and Pope really want their say first, and I don't argue with steamrolling plot bunnies this large. And to give you an idea of just how seriously I mean that 'steamrolling' bit, even beyond the unusual wordcount: I actually went to the bookstore, hunted down a translation of Popol Vuh, and read it just to find an appropriate enough tagline for this thing.

... I don't suppose anyone is actually interested in reading this monster? Even just to read; not beta. Is there actually an audience for a "what if they actually talked to each other instead of randomly breaking into a fistfight in enemy controlled territory, and things snowballed from there" kind of thing? The fandom is still seriously teeny on AO3. And even on the number of adult-centric non-OC-romance stories is pretty microscopic, never mind slash of any kind.
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Apologies for the delay; I spent the last month rereading the Dresden Files in preparation for the new one coming out. And then I spent awhile fighting with all the issues inherent in joining up several of the previously disparate plot threads. Finally, though, we're on the downhill slide. :) 3000 words this part.

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Penny Drops

(Saga index on LJ or at the AO3.)
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Nine days this time! (It makes it simpler when I don't restrain my urge to embrace the tropes. Please do let me know if you spot something too egregious, though!) And yes, the last line in this chapter's a modified quote from an infamous graphic novel. 2800 words this part.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Self-Rescuing Damsels

(Saga index on LJ or at the AO3.)
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Hah. Next chapter up! Only took me a couple of weeks, but still making progress on this ridic old fic. And I've solidified the POV characters and major action for chapters 22-32, plus epilogue. \0/ 3000 words this chapter.

Chapter Twenty-One: Contingency Planning

(Saga index on LJ or at the AO3.)
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I bet none of you could honestly say you ever expected me to update this again. Well. Here we go: a new chapter in My First Fanfic Epic, in a story which is now eleven years old and counting. Go me? 2700 words this part.

Chapter Twenty: Bridging the Gaps

(You can find the saga index here on LJ, or now at the AO3.)

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