Apr. 6th, 2017

jedibuttercup: (harry potter)
First, just to get it out of the way: I'm going to keep crossposting to LJ for awhile, despite the annoying new TOS, but I did go ahead and set my journal for Adult warnings and un-check the 'participate in rankings' box so as to avoid the most blatant of the new potential issues. Mostly, I'm amused that they did this the very day before my pre-paid account was to expire, and added six months to the time I can expect to avoid seeing ads there.

Nonetheless, if you're reading this from LJ, and have a DW, and I'm not already friends with you there, let me know, would you? Would probably be prudent to consolidate my 'circle'.

Anyway, with that out of the way: two more things that've really bothered me as I continue to reread HBP. First: how the hell can anyone reread the scene with Dumbledore 'asking' Harry to get Slughorn's memory and not realize he's the very definition of a manipulative son-of-a-bitch? Good intentioned, I usually grant; but still. That is not something you do to an impressionable teenager that you don't view as a means to an end more than a human being who deserves to chart his own fully informed course in life.

And secondly... regarding the Felix Felicis. And I quote: "I dunno... I was sort of saving it..." // "...vague and unformulated plans that involved Ginny splitting up with Dean..." WTF, Harry? Is this or is this not the child who just lost his godfather in a life-or-death battle that a little Lucky potion might have potentially helped with? I'd have been saving that stuff too, good job there, but for the potential next fight of my life with my nemesis, not for romantic daydreams! If you ask me, that's a far more persuasive argument for the Weasley-potioning-theorists than most of the ones that actually show up in fic! *sigh*

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